Piano Movers Melbourne


We approach piano moving with the same care as an art handler carries a valuable painting. With a lot of different parts and a fragile exterior, the piano becomes an instrument that requires expertise and experienced person to handle it and should be transported carefully. Mover Melbourne always makes sure to ensure that we keep your requirements as our first priority. A piano has various dimensions and a heavy weight which makes the difficult piano removal. It is always detailed with various parts that are delicate and should be cared for, by professional removalists.

Whether you are planning to buy a new piano or a used one, moving your piano from one location to another will need expert Piano Movers to help you. Our Internationally Certified piano Removalists services make sure the piano is moved on time in the location requested by you.

With the experience of many years, we have expertise in piano removal for several different styles of pianos. Our piano movers team in Melbourne has full knowledge about different kinds of pianos. We have shifted hundreds of pianos from most complicated locations. Whatever kind of piano you need to move, we can handle it. We are more than just a piano movers service, we also put those experiences and expertise to work smoothly and within minimum time.


Movers Melbourne has years of piano moving experience and we provide our piano removalists service in Melbourne at the most affordable price also we make sure that the piano is transported to the final destination on time. Our Melbourne's piano movers will simplify your process by disassembling the required parts of the piano with the latest equipment. we also have house removalists services, office removalists services and others which are not just limited in Melbourne but nationwide. We do not hesitate to move a single item or an entire household, we are always available for the best removal service for you.

We also provide a free estimated price that you can get just by contacting us. We have the latest vehicles available for you that saves a lot of time and money.

Our price is always reasonable and is calculated on the following bases:

  • The distance of the move
  • If the piano is going up or downstairs
  • The size of the piano
  • The place where it needs to be moved like hallways or basement

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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