A pool table is one of the most fun items to have in the house, particularly for a complete man or woman cave. But pool tables are also among the heaviest and largest items to move.

Moving a pool table is a very difficult and complex process in which many things may go not according to plan. The problems come mainly from the weight and the size of the billiard table. It is as hard as moving a piano.

Pool tables can range from around seven to nine feet long and weigh nearly 700 pounds or more. It means it’s necessary to take the proper steps and measures to move these items safely from one location to another.

One best and the most right way to move a pool table or billiard table is by hiring professional movers. This is the most professional way to move your pool table safely without getting any damage.

Expert moving companies like Mover Melbourne provide you with professional pool table removalists in Melbourne to help you in moving your heavy and voluminous pool table easily and safely.

But if you are not able to hire professional movers then you must take care of some steps, which we will tell you in this blog.

We will discuss all the expert tricks, techniques, packing and moving equipment. Because of this, a person with a low budget can also move a pool table by himself.

This series of steps requires good practice and safe handling like professionals but if an unskilled person works on this with full concentration and care, then he or she can also move their pool table safely to the destination place.


Requirements For A DIY Pool Table Removal

Before straight jumping into the removal procedure, there are some important essentials that you require to move your pool table or any other large objects safely and smoothly.

There are a number of steps and each one demands some special tools and materials to make the move easier and successful.
Here is the list of essential tools and items which is important for packing and moving your pool table without any damage:


For Packing A Pool Table

Packing is the first and most important step towards safe and secure pool table removal and even for removal of other objects also. For efficient pool table packing you must buy the following packing supplies:

1. Plastic Stretch Wraps- It is the most basic packing item, used in packing almost everything. Plastic stretch wraps are used to protect your pool table from scratches, dust and moisture. It is cheap and easily available in the market.

2. Bubble Wraps- Bubble wraps are used to cover all the delicate and fragile parts of the pool table like slate and legs. It provides light cushioning and protects the breakable parts of the pool table from damage during transit.

3. Sealable Bags- It is used to secure all the nuts and bolts of the pool table after dismantling. You can easily find these kinds of bags in your local market.

4. Strong Tape- Strong tapes are also used to secure all the packed and wrapped parts of the pool table. Always use a good amount of tape so that nothing is open at the time of moving.

5. Moving Blankets- An extra layer of moving blanket completely covers your pool table and provides full protection while moving from one place to another. It is available in different sizes, you can buy according to the size of your pool table.

6. Label And Waterproof Marker- Both are used for labelling the packed parts of the pool table so that things can be easily accessible during reassembling.

7. Air Pillows- These are used to provide extra cushioning and space between the pool table and other goods inside the moving van or a truck. It protects the pool table from damages and jerks.


For Loading A Pool Table

To load a pool table safely and effortlessly into the truck you need some equipment as mentioned below:

1. Moving Straps- It is used to secure the pool table inside the truck and during the loading process. It doesn’t let the pool table fall from the dolly and a moving vehicle.

2. Furniture Dollies- Furniture dollies are very much important to move all the heavy and bulky parts of the pool table effortlessly. It comes in many different sizes. If you didn’t find it anywhere in the market then you can rent it from any professional moving company.


For Moving A Pool Table

Choose the best transportation medium for moving your pool table securely. If you are having a one slate pool table, then choose a large size van and if you are having a 2 or 3-slate pool table, then choose truck moving service.

You can also customize your removal of the pool table only for moving with the help of professional pool table removalists.

They will provide you with the best man and van removal service at the most affordable cost. Otherwise, you can rent a truck and drive it to your destination place.


The Right Steps To Make The Pool Table Relocation Successful

Expert pool table movers follow a predefined series of steps(created according to the safety and requirements of the clients) to move your large pool table smoothly and safely.

If you will also go through these footsteps, then you can also move your pool table easily. The following steps are:

  • Before disassembling the pool table, find out how much space you have to move the table through and out of the house without causing any damage. Use a measuring tape to measure each doorway, hallway, or stairway through which your pool table may require to travel.
  • The next step is to take apart the pool table, which will make it much easier to transport anywhere. Moving a pool table without disassembling it is not easy, therefore you need to remove table legs, rails, slate and felt of the pool table for easy packing and moving.
  • After dismantling the pool table, safely wrap every part to prevent damage when moving it. Use bubble wrap and plastic sheets to wrap each pocket, rail and legs. The slate can be secure with moving blankets and use packing tape to keep the blankets and other things secured and put labels on it.
  • The next and final step before moving is to load the pool table components into a moving van or truck. And after loading everything they secure the packed parts with ropes and moving straps and ready to move.
  • After reaching your destination place, start the reassembling of the pool table in the new location and organize the pool table properly as before.


Hire Professional Pool Table Movers

Before you begin this rough journey, you will have to decide whether you will be relocating your pool table by yourself or you will be hiring a professional moving company for the job.

Whether you’re relocating it to the next building or across the country, just keep in mind that moving a pool table by yourself is a difficult task and need special equipment, tools, and knowledge to move your pool table safely to your new location.

If you want your pool table to arrive safely and without any damages at your new house, you should use the services of the pool table removalists of expert moving companies like Mover Melbourne. In this way, you will avoid hurting yourself or breaking your valuable pool table.


Reasons Behind Hiring Pool Table Removalists For Safe Removals Of The Pool Table

If you have a pool table in your home, you might simply think of it as a decorative piece of furniture or as a fun game to bring people together.

It might seem large and solid like a single piece of furniture. In reality, it’s far more complex than that. Pool tables are made out of many pieces that fit together in extremely accurate ways. And relocating a pool table is harder than moving general house furniture.

That is why most people feel safe and reliable to choose the experts of pool table relocation in Melbourne. Let’s discuss the genuine reasons behind why you should choose a trusted pool table removalists company in Melbourne for moving your pool table or billiard table:

Specialized Moving Tools And Equipment:

Professional pool table movers in Melbourne have the specialized equipment and tools to dismantle and move pool tables and put them together in your new place so that they aren’t damaged at all. They use a customized set of toolkits for easy and careful handling of your pool table.

Complete Pool Table Valuation:

Trusted and certified pool table removals company in Melbourne will often offer something called valuation or moving insurance, which is a fixed type of insurance.

Valuation simply means that if the removalists drop or damage your pool table during the move, they will hold themselves responsible for its loss or repair. If you do this on your own, you will be responsible.

Well-Maintained Moving Vans and Trucks:

This is one of the main reasons behind choosing professional pool table removalists in Melbourne. Expert moving companies like Mover Melbourne have the correct size and clean vehicle for relocating a pool table, along with all of the restraints and furniture protectants essential to ensure that it will not shift during transit.

Mover Melbourne also has 20+ moving vans and trucks and 5 of them are equipped with hydraulic lifters which are used to load the heavy pool table, piano, fridge and others without any human interruption.

Professional pool table movers in Melbourne will be guaranteed to be able to transport any size, shape, or type of pool table.

If they don’t have the proper tools & equipment on hand, they’ll find the solution. If you try and DIY the move, you’re stuck with using what you or perhaps your friends or family have on hand.

Affordable And Efficient:

Mover Melbourne removals services are very cheap and suits each family budget. Professional removalists provide you with affordable quotes and efficient removals service. You can move your pool table stress-free to the destination place safely.

All in all, pool table movers will assure you the certainty that your table will be taken care of as well as give you peace of mind.

So that you don’t have to worry about a thing. In the middle of all of the other projects you’re handling during a major relocation, just being stress-free is worth the investment.


As you can see, the pool table moving is a labour-intensive venture. So, it needs some level of expertise to execute successfully.

Many factors come into play when executing this type of project, with each playing an integral part during the move. Due to the extraordinary weights of some of the delicate parts of your pool table, there is a chance that you might injure yourself and the pool table too.

If you want to avoid all the risks and complications, hire Mover Melbourne’s professional pool table removalists to move your pool table safely and easily.

We are having the top-rated and trusted pool table movers in Melbourne. Each of them is trained and experienced in moving heavy and fragile goods locally and interstate both.

Are you also searching for expert pool table removalists in Melbourne? Then contact us today and get free removal quotes.

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