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Pool Table Removalists

Billiard tables are huge, weighty, and oversized. Its cloth or fabric can be easily damaged if bare to a sharp object. Moving a billiard table isn't work for the unpracticed or unskilled. There has to be a skilled hand involved in neat and clean packing and secure handling. To get a professional pool table relocation, one needs to be careful while choosing the right pool table removalists in Melbourne for safe removal.

Mover Melbourne offers one of the best pool table removals services in Melbourne. We provide premium service in local as well as interstate Australia. We have experienced pool table movers in Melbourne who provide you with affordable pool table moving services and are always ready to move your pool table to your desired destination. As an Internationally Certified Pool Table Removalists in Melbourne, we assure you of the use of customized tools and machinery, adequate manpower, appropriate packaging supplies, and everything that is required to make your pool table move without much hassle and damage.

Mentioned below are the types and styles of the pool table that our pool table removalists are capable ade experienced moving:

  • Our pool table movers are trained in moving all sizes of pool or billiard tables. Be it standard, large, bar, mini, or wooden, plastic, slated, etc, they have moved all sizes of pool tables with ease.
  • Our Piano Removalists are experienced moving different styles of pool or billiard tables. Be it contemporary, modern, industrial, traditional, craftsman, farmhouse, midcentury, rustic, traditional, tropical, victorian, etc. we are skilled in packing and handling all these styles of pool table comfortably and professionally.
  • No matter whether your pool table surface fabric is made up of polyester, woollen cloth, or worsted wool, with the help of the right tools and techniques, it all will be handled with great care and precision.
  • If you have any doubts or worries regarding your complicated architecture, our pool table removalists will be. At Mover Melbourne, we assure safety using the customized vehicles and by providing insurance cover for our clients. Trust us, our pool table movers will not burn a hole in your pockets!


1. We understand the importance of evaluation: Our Pool table Removalists will do all the essential evaluations, and measurements before taking such heavy and cumbersome items out of the space, to simplify the transport. We will first review the table before the move. They will be searching for existing issues in the casings or joints and any breaks or cracks in the wood that could worsen during the pool table moving process. Our pool table movers in Melbourne will examine their discoveries with you and likewise, avoid the potential risk.

2. We do the disassembling and reassembling when needed: A pool table can weigh up to 260 kg or more which means that it couldn't be moved effortlessly if one is not familiar with the right moving and packing techniques. Sometimes a pool table or a billiard table also requires a complete disassembling due to its architecture and surrounding. Which makes the task much of a burden and arduous at the same time.

Pool table moves need to be properly planned when there are a series of factors involved that can hinder the smooth relocation. Not always is disassembling needed, but whenever it is, we make sure that it is done with proficiency and evaluation. Our Pool table removalists are skilled, equipped, and experienced in doing so.

3. Skilled in moving all types and sizes of Pool or Billiard tables: Our movers make sure that your pool table is being disassembled and reassembled with delicacy and precision. We are currently in a state that we're able to move all types and sizes of pool tables easily and precisely. So whether it's a bar, mini or large-sized pool table, a contemporary, modern, or craftsman table, made of wood, plastic, etc. we are able and best at moving them all, both local and interstate.

4. High quality of services: You get fair prices for your pool table relocation and in return get the best quality of services, which will be a blend of experience, skills, and dedication. We pack those billiard table pieces the right and best way possible to prevent them from any damage while in transit or in storage. Not just the major parts of it but also the loose screws, game balls, details, and rods, etc are packed and secured with care.

5. Storage facilities readily available: Do not worry if your new location isn't ready to receive the pool table yet, you can also use the storage house to store it for as long as you want. Our storage warehouses are the safest and convenient in terms of security and accessibility.

Our pool table or billiard table removalists are catered to your needs. We are capable of performing all types of pool table relocations easily and securely. We highly recommend hiring professional removalists to assist your needs. Here Mover Melbourne comes in the role as we provide our pool table Mover Melbourne at the least cost and the fastest turnaround time possible in the entire Melbourne.

Contact us for pool table removals services and get a free moving quote right now:

Mover Melbourne does not charge for online pool table moving quotes. To get the pool table removal service in Melbourne, Call us on 0370201341 or mail us at

To find us on google or any other popular search engine, you can type in "cheap pool table removalist in melbourne"


Why should I choose your Pool Table Removalists Service?

We know that most pool tables are heavy and costly, improper relocation of the pool table can cause damage or in some cases injuries to the person doing this heavy task. We highly recommend hiring professional removalists to assist your needs. We have experienced and expert pool table removalists who can do your removals secure and stress-free.

Do I need to pay for travel time?

Yes, We charge from the time the truck or van leaves our depot until it returns on completion of your removal. This price is imposed over the hourly rate.

I want to relocate my Pool table. How can I get the quote?

Yes, you can get the quotes. We will not charge for the quotes. We understand our clients' pool table removal requirements and know every person has to plan their budget before going for any service. You can contact us anytime, for any removalists services.

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