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Fridge Removals In Melbourne

Before talking about fridge removals in Melbourne, we should know why people move? A very basic reason people relocate is to set up in a new location which is much better than the previous location. It does not matter whether they are moving to a new country, state or local, they are looking for improvement in their current living situation. Another reason is transfer in a job or any other issues. No matter what the reason, everyone finds moving from one place to another a really tedious task.

Relocating and shifting your valuable assets is a difficult and hectic process for families, with so many things to sort, pack and discard. And when it comes to moving heavy and delicate articles like piano, pool table, bathtub, and furniture this task becomes more complicated and tough. Especially when you have to move your house or office to the interstates. While moving house, it is very difficult to move electrical appliances out of everything because they can get damaged very easily if they were packed or moved properly. Air conditioner, oven, washing machine, refrigerator, fan, personal computer, dishwasher, etc there are so many things in the house that need special care and attention at the time of the relocation process. Out of all these electrical appliances and gadgets, a fridge is the heaviest item to move.

When we talk about the fridge, it is one of the basic necessities in today’s world. If you are relocating there is no option to leave this valuable necessity in your current place. At last, you left with two options: either you move your refrigerator on your own or by hiring professional removalists for a safe removal journey. Some people try to move their refrigerator on their own but moving a fridge on your own is really not a good idea because it is a heavy article which consists of fragile internal parts and wires too. Therefore opting for an expert for this task is always best, they know how to move your fridge safely.

In Australia, Mover Melbourne is providing the cheap and best fridge removalists services in Melbourne which will bring you peace of mind and lowers the relocation burden from your shoulder. We cannot deny the fact that experience is the most desired skill in moving and removal tasks. Mover Melbourne has been providing fridge removal service in Melbourne for the last 8 years and has successfully relocated more than 2500 fridges across Australia.


Mover Melbourne promises its customers to provide estimated pricing for fridge removal service along with insurance service for any breakage and spoilage during relocation. These are the following factors that determine the pricing of your fridge removal:

  • Distance: The first and most important factor which determines the pricing of your fridge removal is the distance of the move. Our Removalists will calculate the distance travelled between your current location to your desired location. The shorter the distance the lesser are the charges for your fridge relocation and vice versa.
  • Difficulties: The next important factor which determines the pricing of your fridge removal in Melbourne is the number of difficulties in the relocation process. Stairs, narrow doors, and the presence of less space are the difficulties in fridge relocation.
  • Size and Weight of your size: There are various types of fridges available in the market ranging from mini size refrigerator to 3 door refrigerator. Mover Melbourne removalists have to pay extra attention and care for the relocation of a 3 door refrigerator in comparison to a single door refrigerator. Therefore, the size and weight of your fridge will determine the charges for your relocation.


Moving a refrigerator is not so complex but it needs proper care while handling and loading it into a van or truck. Our professional fridge removalists in Melbourne are expert and experienced in moving such heavy household articles. They follow the proper guidelines and procedure of moving a fridge. Here are the following steps that our fridge removalists will perform while relocating your fridge:

  • The removal of the refrigerator begins with a very simple step which is to defrost the fridge. This is done 24 hours before the actual moving date. Due to defrost, your fridge becomes lighter and easier to carry out the removals process.
  • The next step is to clean the fridge and its internal compartments. Our team of skilled cleaners will do this task for you. We use the best quality cleaning products and disinfectants for cleaning the house and office space.
  • After cleaning, our expert team of packers will wrap and pack your fridge with the best quality packing material. We wrap the fridge with plastic wrap followed by bubble wrap and moving blankets to protect its body from any damage and distortion during transit.
  • At the fourth step, the properly packed refrigerator is loaded into the truck or van with the help of dollies. We offer clean and affordable van and truck removals service for all size moving requirements.
  • The fifth step to unpack and reassemble the refrigerator and organize it properly at the new location. We offer complete fridge removal services in Melbourne, Australia.

Contact us for fridge removals services and get a free moving quote right now:

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In which suburbs of Melbourne do you provide fridge removals service?

Mover Melbourne is providing fridge removal service in its 11 surroundings suburbs. The names of these suburbs are Carlton, Docklands, East Melbourne, Flemington, Kensington, North Melbourne, Parkville, South Yarra, Port Melbourne, Southbank, and West Melbourne.

For how long a fridge should be off before a move?

You should switch off your fridge 24 hours before your fridge relocation. This will let the freezer and coil defrost and the oil which is present in the compressor will settle down. If your fridge has a water dispenser, in that case, you need to disconnect the running water line which will prevent leaks during the transport.

Does your company move a pre-packed refrigerator?

No, Mover Melbourne does not move a pre-packed refrigerator. Because there are lots of liabilities that come with moving a pre-packed fridge. We can not rely on the type of packing supplies used by the customers. Therefore, it is better to leave all your hassle of moving a fridge on us. For any other query, you can freely call on - 0370201341 to talk to our friendly customer service which is 24/7 available.

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Chris B

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