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1. How much can I adjust in a single box when relocating?

We recommend you not to include more than 20 kg of your belongings in a single box as it usually results in the damage of the property. Our removal team always makes sure that your property is never damaged or that there isn’t any issue with it.

2. Where will my information go if I fill the removal query form?

Being a professional removalist we understand your privacy and we do not share any of your information with any third party. The information that you provide us is used to contact you and provide you the removal services as per your requirement.

3. What are the estimates of removalist's quotes?

Removal quotes or estimates is the cost told to you that may occur on the relocation process. This price may vary from the genuine price as it is based on the information that you provide us about the property that needs to be moved.

4. On what basis moving quotes costs are determined?

Moving quotes depends upon the information you provide us related to your property. Like property size, distance to be covered, floor number, etc. on this basis we calculate the amount of work and the number of packaging materials that will be required in the process.

5. Which removal quotes should I expect?

You may receive more than one quotes and these quotes will include the removal services that are covered in different packages. Accordingly, you can choose the best moving quotes that meet your requirements and budget.

6. I want to shift only a bed so can I still get quotes?

Without any doubt, you can always contact us to know the quotes. We do not charge for any kind of inquiries. It doesn't matter how big or small the removal work is, our removal team is always available for you.

7. I want to relocate my office? Can I get the quotes?

Yes, you can get the quotes. We will not charge for the quotes. We understand our clients' office removal requirements and know every person has to plan their budget before going for any service. You can contact us anytime. for any removalists services.

8. Is there any obligation when getting estimates for relocation?

There are no obligations when you get the estimates for relocation. Our estimates are free and we make sure that all your information is safe and secure with us. And we do not share any of your information to the third party. You can rely on us.

9. What creates the Melbourne Movers Removalist different from others?

We are the best removalists services in Melbourne as we provide all our removal services at a very reasonable price and at the same time we never make any compromise with the quality of the service. Apart from this, we have a well-trained professional's removalists team and the required equipment to make your work easier.

10. What I should think if a removal company does not call within 12 hours?

Although this is never going to happen as we cover almost all the parts in entire Australia but if in case something like this happens this will probably mean that removalists service is not available in your area. We are extremely sorry about this issue.

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