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Your office is a place not less than a home as you spend a reasonable amount of time there. The fact is that employees' work performance gets affected by the work environment he's working in. That's why it is crucial to arrange an office to motivate the staff to work efficiently. Arranging an office again in the way it was after relocation can be tricky if you are not choosing the right office movers in Bellfield for the office relocation. That's why we suggest you do thorough research on removalists to see which ones provide you with the type of services you are looking for! And if you are looking, there are full chances that you will like our services as we provide you with the smooth relocation. We know what people want when they are relocating their office because of our experience. Mover Melbourne is open to customisation and bends our services according to your choice.

Mover Melbourne office removalists services in Bellfield, provide dismantling, packaging, reassembling of the desktop in secured boxes and steel containers. We understand our customers' expectations and take extra precautions with screens, electronics, and furniture. We have been providing successful office removals for the past eight years. Mover Melbourne believes in the phrase "Time is Money", and a delay in removal can cause monetary losses to our customers.

We have a staff of 25+ removalists who provide office relocation in Melbourne before the given timeline. Not hiring office removalists in Bellfield may end up costing you more in terms of huge losses during the relocation. Our best and cheap office movers conduct relocations locally, interstate, and internationally to meet all the organisation's requirements. Our expert removalists are well-trained for interstate removal with advanced removals techniques specifically for offices and businesses to provide hassle-free removal. In addition, we own the most prominent moving trucks of all sizes, from 2-tonne vans to 12-tonne trucks.

Services Offered By Our Office Movers In Bellfield that states why you choose us for your office relocation!

Process that Our Office Movers Follow

Estimating and planning: Mover Melbourne is known for its professional and systematic work in Bellfield. Before final office removals, our experienced team will make a proper estimation and plan for successful removal. We believe in the phrase, "A goal without a plan is just a wish." Our experienced office movers will list down all the commodities which are going to relocate. The listing will ensure the number of items to be relocated and the number of cartons and containers needed for packaging and relocation.

After listing all the commodities, Mover Melbourne Removalists will mark all the corners and hurdles for relocation. We have experience of 8 years as office movers in Bellfield. We treat your valuable goods with extreme care, and during the moving process, we are always sure that there are no scratches on the surface of an item and are always dents free. We have 25+ removalists who are experts in office relocations. The planning part also includes informing all of your staff members about the removal. Mover Melbourne also provides office removalists service on weekends to ensure no loss of work in your company.

Packaging and loading: Mover Melbourne believes that "good planning without good working is nothing." So after the estimation and planning for your office removals, we began our second procedure: packaging and moving. If you have a large firm, the packaging can start 3-4 days before moving.

Mover Melbourne has custom boxes and plastic wraps. We customize our boxes using thick cardboard, which provides excellent stability, and our bubble wrappers are made of heavy plastic to provide extra care for your valuable goods. Office goods are delicate and valuable. Our bubble wrappers will save your desktops from scratches and provide additional cushion protection to your valuable goods.

After packaging your valuable goods, Mover Melbourne will place packaging boxes into steel containers. These steel containers are tied up with leashes so that no damage is caused to the container while relocating.

Relocating and assembling:

Mover Melbourne office removal services is known for its work. We care about all the hurdles and difficulties in the relocation process. Our office movers in Bellfield are well-resourced as we have launched CCTV and GPS devices in our trucks to provide maximum security to the valuable goods of our customers. We provide access to our security cameras and GPS devices to our customers. Mover Melbourne is fully prepared for any unforeseen obstacles that may occur during the relocation process.

Mover Melbourne not only provides packaging and loading service but also reassembles your valuable goods at your new place. Our office movers in Bellfield, Melbourne, care about our customers, so we systematically arrange your office items.

Packaging and Loading: Mover Melbourne believes that "good planning without good working is nothing." So after the estimation and planning for your office removal, we began our second procedure of packaging and moving. If you are a large firm, the packaging can start 3-4 days before the moving day.

Why Choose Our Office Movers Bellfield Team?

  • Secure and experienced: Mover Melbourne has been offering office removal services for the last eight years. We have done more than 2000 office relocations in Melbourne during this period. We are known for our systematic and professional work in Bellfield, Melbourne. We provide custom boxes that provide an extra layer of protection to your valuable goods. Our steel containers hold boxes and cartons safely and securely. Mover Melbourne cares about its customers and provides a guarantee of cheap office movers in Bellfield. If our office removalists fail to secure your valuable office goods, we pay the compensation amount for the broken commodity. We take care of your floors by using plastic wraps so that there is no damage caused to your floor during the process of office removal.
  • Professional and cheap office movers: Mover Melbourne charges less than other office removal companies in Bellfield. The fact that we charge less does not mean that it impacts the professionalism of our office movers.
  • Good knowledge of local routes: The reason everyone looks for best and cheap removalists near them is that customer wants the movers to be familiar with the city and don't want to be wasting their time by roaming here and there; and our professional team know the one-way directions, parking location, height restrictions, and alternate moving routes during rush hour because we were best and cheap providing services in Bellfield, for the last eight years and we are friendly with the local area.

    Contact us for office removal services in Bellfield and get free Moving Quotes:

    Mover Melbourne does not charge for moving quotes. To find us on google or any other popular search engine, you can type in "cheapest and professional office removalist near me in Bellfield" or contact us on 0370201341 or mail us

FAQs | Office Removalists Bellfield

Can you move our PC's and the server room?

Mover Melbourne does not consider any task as too big or small. Approximately 60% of the time in office removals, every customer asks for the PC's safe removal. We use heavy-duty plastic wrappers to cover your valuable desktop screen. Relocation of the server room is a very delicate process. We provide a team and a hot truck to complete the server room relocation both efficiently and safely. Your CPU and GPU will be covered with plastic sheets and packed in custom boxes. The boxes will be sealed and tied up with straps to provide maximum security for your delicate removal.

Do you have storage and insurance facilities?

Our Bellfield Office Removalist provides storage facilities and insurance services for their potential customers. We aim to see a smile on our clients face so we have safe warehousing facilities. If we talk about safety, Mover Melbourne provides the best protection for their customer's items. As we all know, life is uncertain, and we cannot predict any mishap, so for that purpose, we provide insurance service for our customers' goods.

How will Mover Melbourne protect machines and valuable inventory?

Our Bellfield office removalist moves every item valued like machinery, Inventories, and delicate items. It guards them with heavy bubble wrap, custom removal crates, and moving blankets that ensure your office items are safe. In addition, our custom cartons and steel containers always add protection to your valuable office items.

Does Mover Melbourne provide the same floor move?

Mover Melbourne office movers do not consider any task as too big or too small. Our professional team members will move your office items to your new office on a different floor.

How much weight can I put in a single relocating box?

For the safety purpose of your property, we recommend putting 20 kg of your belongings in a single box as more than that may either damage your belongings or, in some cases, even create problems while transporting.

Why should I choose Mover Melbourne for office relocations?

"Mover Melbourne" has been in this market for more than eight years, and this is a long period during which we have learned to provide the best services. We have well-trained employees who are always perfect at their work, and we provide these services at the lowest price possible.

Are the floors protected during the move?

Mover Melbourne is known for its professional and systematic work. Our 8-year experience in this field has taught us to work systematically. For example, we protect all other floors with plastic carpet masking to prevent damage to the floor.

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I appreciate the work done by Mover Melbourne for a smooth moving journey from Melbourne to Sydney. My moving day was well organized and planned and all my household stuff was properly packed. None of the items were damaged when they unpacked them. All thanks to your marvellous house removalists company. Truly the best furniture movers near me in Melbourne.

Chris B

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I recommend Mover Melbourne to everyone, who are looking for piano removalists services in Melbourne. I was worried first, that how my brand new piano will be moved? But I genuinely want to thank their team for moving my piano with the utmost care that it deserved. I got the best Piano moving service near me in Melbourne. Thank you so much to the team of piano movers.

Sue Berit

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I was moved from Melbourne to Brisbane, with my whole family, but have to admit that it was one of the best moves I ever had with any removalists company in Melbourne. They made our move smooth and hassle-free. Anyone who is looking for the best movers and packers should contact Mover Melbourne. Thank you so much for your amazing moving services.


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We needed last-minute removalists in Melbourne and were suggested Mover Melbourne. We were using their services for the first time but didn't feel like so. Their removalists were polite and friendly and were coordinating with us on each step. They truly made our move less stressful and basically more enjoyable. Mover Melbourne is the best furniture movers in my area. Thanks to their team.


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