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Fridge/Refrigerator Removals In Burnside Heights

Relocating and shifting your valuable assets is a hectic and challenging process for families and even for a person. Before talking about fridge relocation, we should know why people move? A fundamental reason people relocate is to set up in a new place much better than the past location and maybe because your life and work demand it. Either way, your comfort and the safety of your belongings is essential. Whether shifting to a new nation, state or local, they are looking to enhance their current living situation. When we talk about the fridge, it is one of the necessities in today's world. And the Refrigerator is one of them, but there is no option to leave this practical necessity in your current place.

And not only relocation, but you may also require fridge disposal and storage services. Mover Melbourne provides the best fridge removalists service in Burnside Heights, which will bring you peace of mind and lower the relocation burden from your shoulder. We cannot deny the fact that experience is the most desired skill in the relocation task. Efficient packaging gets complex when you move onto bulky appliances like your Refrigerator.

Mover Melbourne has provided fridge removalists service in Burnside Heights for the last eight years and has successfully relocated more than 3000 fridges across Australia. Our experienced team of fridge movers have an excellent knowledge of moving electrical appliances. Our professional pack and move your fridge and organize it to the desired place.

Services offered by our Fridge Movers in Burnside Heights that describes why you should choose us!

Refrigerators are heavy and expensive, if relocated inaccurately, they can leak liquids, get dent on the body, or even break the floors and walls. There is a risk of damage to your refrigerator or injuring someone if it tilts over. Here are some services which our professional fridge movers offer while hiring our services:

Tools And Moving Equipment: Our professional fridge movers are ready with proper tools and equipment on the day of relocation to simplify the task with absolute safety.

These are some equipment which we provide with our services are:

  • A fridge cleaning solvent
  • A measuring tape
  • Appliance moving dolly
  • straps
  • Packing tapes
  • Moving blankets
  • Floor protection mats
  • moving ramps
  • A pickup truck or moving vehicle

Empty The Fridge & Detach Its Parts: The next thing our reliable movers do before moving a fridge is removing it from its contents. Remove the Refrigerator away from the surface and unplug the power plug from the wall socket. We suggest that you clean the fridge at least 24 hours before the move and leave the doors open. Set aside sufficient time to allow the unit to drain thoroughly, reducing the risk of decay and mould growth. If you do not want to do it yourself, you can also hire our cleaning services to clean your Refrigerator. Remove all the meals from food, and if there are few items that you cannot finish in time and are unopened, you can bring them to your new destination.

Your refrigerator consists of various detachable parts that would move or keep shifting the weight when moved. These include shelves, drawers, ice cube trays, dividers, the ice maker and dispenser, and organizers. We remove all parts and wrap them in bubble wrap. Mark them as you go to simplify the reassembly of the fridge. We disconnect the water filter attached to the back of your fridge and pack it individually. Some shelves and drawers can remain in place, but this depends on the refrigerator design. If the parts are reasonably firm, then we secure them with tape.

Packing: If anything is not carefully padded or set in place, internal parts can shift, separate, or break entirely. Our reliable removalists cover the refrigerator with wrapping blankets and secure them with straps. With the help of straps, we secured the side of the fridge and shut and sealed the front with packing tape. If your refrigerator has French doors, our Burnside Heights professional movers tie them unitedly to keep them closed. This structure prevents the refrigerator doors from swinging open and protects the surface from marks if the appliance smashes into something.

Transportation: This is stressful when thinking about how to move downstairs the Refrigerator. But with Mover Melbourne, it is effortless because, as we mentioned, we have the moving dolly with rub railings padded with rubber to protect the surface of instruments from scratches. Our man with a van removals services is highly effective for moving bulky items like household or office applainces.

Cost Of Hiring Fridge Movers In Burnside Heights

Mover Melbourne promises its customers to provide an estimated price for fridge removal services along with insurance service for any breakage during relocation.

These are the following factors that determine the pricing of your fridge removal.

  • Distance: The first and most important factor determining the pricing of your fridge removal is the distance of the move. Our expert removalists will calculate the distance travelled between your current location to your desired location. The shorter the distance, the lesser are the charges for your fridge removal and vice versa.
  • Difficulties: The next important factor determining the pricing of your fridge removal in Burnside Heights is the number of challenges in the relocation process. Stairs, narrow doors, and the presence of less space are the difficulties in fridge relocation.
  • Size And Weight Of Your Fridge: There are various types of fridges available in the market, ranging from mini-size refrigerators to 3 door refrigerators. Our Best Burnside Heights Fridge Removalists pay extra attention and care for relocating a three-door refrigerator compared to a single door refrigerator. Therefore, the size and weight of your fridge will determine the charges for your fridge removal service in Burnside Heights, Melbourne.

Contact us for fridge removals service in Burnside Heights and get a free moving quote right now:

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FAQs | Fridge Removalists Burnside Heights

In which cities of Burnside Heights Melbourne do you provide fridge removal services?

Mover Melbourne is providing fridge removal services in 11 cities of Burnside Heights. It includes Docklands, East Burnside Heights Melbourne, Kingston, North Burnside Heights Melbourne, Parkville, Port Burnside Heights Melbourne, South Bank, South Yarra, West Burnside Heights Melbourne and Flemington.

For how long a fridge should be off before a move?

It will be best suited if you switch off your fridge 24 hours before your fridge relocation. Switching off will let the freezer and coil defrost, and the oil present in the compressor will settle down. If your fridge has a water dispenser, in that case, you need to disconnect the running water line, which will prevent leaks during the transport.

Can your company move a pre-packed refrigerator?

No, Mover Melbourne does not move a pre-packed refrigerator. Because many liabilities come with carrying a pre-packed fridge, we can not rely on the packing supplies used by the customers. Therefore, it is better to leave all your hassle of moving a refrigerator on us. You can freely call on 0370201341 to talk to our friendly customer service, 24/7 available for any other query.

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