The piano is a special addition to a home and a beautiful piece of art for music lovers. This classical instrument is many times filled with the remembrance of someone’s childhood or is an antique passed down by the generations.

Pianos are heavy, bulky so they are still hard to replace if broken. A piano has numerous internal parts and components and any shock or vibration can cause damage.

It is a delicate string instrument that requires the utmost care while relocating it from one place to another. Whether you have a grand piano or electric piano, to remove all types of pianos you are required to have patience, skill and experience.

That is why people always try to choose the best of the best piano movers for safe and smooth piano relocation.

Professional piano movers have years of experience in moving pianos in all conditions. Whether you are moving your piano to your new house or business place, locally or interstate, each piano needs specific moving and a proper set of instructions.

Mover Melbourne is also one the most high-rated piano removalists companies and having the expert piano movers in Melbourne who will listen and understand the client’s instructions carefully so that the removals team perform their services exactly.

Best piano removal companies take their customer’s needs and requirements to provide them with the safest piano move as pianos have financial and personal sentimental value.

Piano removalists have the experience, proper equipment and vehicles, and a full relocation network to deliver the end-to-end piano removal service easily and successfully.

Therefore, opting for an expert company like Mover Melbourne will be the best investment and smartest decision ever. In this piece of writing, you will know 4 things about reliable and certified piano moving companies.


1. Why should one choose professional piano movers?

For most people, many precious memories are related to a piano as you played it with your family, friends, colleagues, and taught others how to play or perform with it.

At the time of piano removal, we need to move it carefully so that it remains in the same condition as it was before moving. While the relocation of your other household, business-related items and your valuable piano, expert of piano removal service ensure the following points:

  • Requisite and sufficient tools & equipment
  • Experience in reassembling upright pianos, grand pianos and electric pianos
  • Complete set of best quality packaging material for wrapping and packing your piano
  • Well-maintained transportation medium and Lots of space in the vehicle with proper cushioning and other protective gears
  • Complete recognizing of the route to minimize delays and assure on-time delivery
  • Accommodating special directives from our customers
  • Professional movers provide piano removal insurance to the customer to protect the value of the piano against any loss or damage
  • Affordable removal cost and free piano moving quotes and pre-move survey


2. How much does Piano removalists cost?

Weight And Type Of The Piano: If your piano is an upright or a  grand piano, they are of unique shape and more difficult to move safely. Pianos which are heavy and have a unique shape will be more expensive to take care of and relocate to a new place.

Piano moving companies ask their customers about the type and size and weight of the piano and then make a model of the piano, calculate the costs, determine the value, and estimate the number of labour and tools required for the job.

Make sure to categorise the piano correctly as upright or grand. The bigger and heavier the piano, the more expensive the piano relocating service will likely be.

The Age Of The Piano: Piano removal cost also depends upon the age of the factor that how old it is? Pianos which are very old or which have been purchased years before are very delicate so they require extra care and special packaging material while relocating them from one place to another.

Removal of antique pianos needs more labour so that they do not get broken while removing. All these factors will make it a bit expensive to move the old piano.

The Distance Of Your Move: The cost to move a piano locally will vary from the cost to move it interstate. Moving your piano cross country takes much time and fuel which will also be added in the cost.

Professional Interstate Piano Movers in Melbourne have equipped trucks with ramps, pressure-driven lifts, and several rings and clips to secure the piano properly during transport. All of these factors will be considered when pricing your piano move.

The Difficulties In Moving: The piano moving cost also depends on the place where the piano was being moved and where it will be assembled.

If the piano movers will have to go up against various floors, navigate through twisty hallways or do anything else which will ensure they have to take extra time and care to ensure your piano is moved safely, then the costs might increase.

Flights of stairs and narrow hallways will rise to price. All the things that occur during the path of piano removal will affect your piano removal cost.

The Additional Service Cost: The other expenses regarding piano removal service such as paperwork sheets, insurance premium, packaging material, cleaning, etc., may also slightly increase the pricing of your piano move. Consult the relocation cost estimators they give you for their ease-to-cost approximation.


3. How Do Expert Piano Movers Prepare Your Piano For The Move?

Instead of straight moving your piano, the professional piano removalists prepare the piano for long-distance or short distance moving.

This preparation will protect your piano from the damage and scratches that may occur during the removal process and transportation.  Here are the steps that expert piano movers follow during the piano Removal:

Removal Of Extra Items Around The Piano:

Before moving your piano, movers need to ensure that the piano is accessible. This means if anything is placed around or on your piano then it makes the piano removal difficult.

It may be books, picture frames, or any other decorative piece, they remove them immediately and pack it in another box. It would help the piano movers in making the piano removal process easier.

Wrapping A Piano:

It is an important step in the removal of a piano. For wrapping the piano, piano moving companies use padding or moving blankets.

They secure the corners of the piano with packing tape. Ensure that the padding or blankets are thick enough to protect the piano from bumps and jerks during the transit.

Guard The Keyboard Lid Of Piano:

Piano keys are fragile, making them important to protect properly. Securing the keyboard lid would help the movers to prevent it from opening.

In case the lid does not secure, they will close the lid while wrapping the piano. To close the lid, they do not use the tape as it could harm the wooden surface of the piano.

Clear Out The Moving Path:

One more major factor is the clear route, after packing the piano. For the movement of the piano, expert piano movers consider various factors such as stairs, level as well as turns.

But these rugs and other furniture items also play an essential role. They might hamper or block the route of the piano. Therefore it is necessary to clear everything around the piano for a safe and secure removal process.

Moving Piano In The Truck:

The last step is to load and move the piano to the described location. The professional piano movers always use the right techniques and tools for loading and provide the best truck or van removals service for moving the piano safely.

They use moving straps for protecting the piano from falling out of the moving vehicle. Secure it with padding to protect the body of the piano. And they use the floorboard and dollies to relieve the weight as well as pressure.

Reassembling Of The Piano:

As soon as the piano movers arrive at the destination, they quickly begin to reassemble your piano as it was before. In a few minutes, they will carefully unload and unpack your piano and arrange it in the best corner of your new home or business location.


4. Why Is It Difficult To Move The Piano Without Professional Help?

Firstly, it’s heavy, much heavier than it looks. You cannot do this job solely on your own. Moving a piano isn’t easy for everyone. You will have to hire some strong, young men and women to help you move it.

It needs proper handling, protective measures and gears. It also requires the right type of transportation and tools to ensure that it does not get damaged.

The second most important thing is, it won’t fit through your doors and hallways easily. You might have to move it upright. If you drop it, well, you can say goodbye to your piano and then you will have to spend thousands of dollars on it. Even if you manage to safeguard the casing of the piano, the keys are another matter.

The keys of the piano are its most sensitive and fragile part and it needs the most care and protection during the piano move. Even the small weight or jerk to the keys can ruin your piano.

And these are all the main reasons behind hiring professional piano movers and not doing it alone or with a group of unprofessionals. After all, you may need to move your piano max to max 3 times in your lifetime, so it is better to choose a professional removalist service for its safety.


Bottom Line

To hire piano removalists in Australia, Mover Melbourne is the right place. At Mover Melbourne, we have a team of dedicated, skilled and experienced removalists.

Be it full concert piano, baby grand or an upright piano, our experts would collect it and transport it safely to the desired destination.

Our team uses the specialised tools and equipment to lift the piano carefully and carry it to the truck. However, piano relocation is not the time to try and save a few dollars. Something so valuable and expensive requires specialized care if you want it securely transported in your new home for generations to come.

To contact us, you can call at 0370201341

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