Oh, great! You are moving to a new place. It is very exciting, isn’t it? You will get to live in a new neighbourhood or even a new city, or maybe get to explore the new areas of Melbourne.

Without any doubt, we all know that moving and shifting brings new experiences, happiness and huge stress to the relocation process.

Collecting all the goods, packing, disposal of waste items, booking of a moving van or a truck, unpacking, reassembling, etc all these things demand a high level of carefulness, time and effort.

The most important task when packing for a move is to protect your belongings so that they arrive in the new house or office in the same condition.

While relocating a house or office, packing and moving furniture and fragile items is the toughest part. Furniture pieces turn out to be tricky to protect for a relocation due to their size and weight.

If you are moving your house or apartment and you are not able to handle the stress of furniture removals, then hire the best furniture removalists in Melbourne for moving your fragile furniture safely to the destination place.

Heavy furniture requires extra care while moving and trusted professionals like Mover Melbourne know the best ways to handle them properly.

Apart from the size and weight of the furniture, they are fragile in nature and have many delicate parts which may break easily if you don’t take complete precautions.

You might require the help of your friends when it comes to moving heavy and fragile furniture. But it is necessary to take every step after planning because a little damage can increase in your moving expenses.

Experts of furniture removals know all these things better, that is why hiring top-rated professional removalists like Mover Melbourne remains the best option when it comes to packing and moving your furniture and fragile items safely and efficiently.


7 Tips To Move Heavy Furniture and Fragile Items Without Hassle 

In this blog, you will get answers to all your queries about how to move heavy bulky furniture and delicate fragile goods safely during the house or office removals process.

These seven tips will save your time and effort and provide you with the right set of knowledge for moving these kinds of goods during relocation.

It is prepared by our best and most experienced furniture removalists in Melbourne, so that common people will get to know how professionals do it.

Here are 7 essential tips for packing and moving fragile items:


1. Don’t Move Your Furniture Alone

If hiring professionals is not on your plans, take this tip very seriously: never try to carry your heavy or fragile furniture by yourself. It can cause great loss and you also may get severe backache.

Always remember that you are not an expert in furniture removals, therefore you should take the help of your family members and friends to carry and load your goods safely.

Gather friends and take on the challenge together but always keep in your mind that trying to move heavy or delicate objects on your own — regardless of their size — is extremely dangerous and risky.


2. Use The Best Quality Packing Material

Packing up the fragile furniture is the most basic and important step of moving your furniture and goods with zero damage.

There are various kinds of packaging materials available in the market of Melbourne for wrapping fragile items. Some of them which are most important and commonly used by the best furniture removals company are listed below:

1. Bubble Wraps- When it comes to packing fragile essentials, bubble wraps are the first choice to keep fragile items intact throughout the move.

These wraps are made up of plastic material & are specifically designed to protect certain types of delicate goods like frames, pictures, crockeries, showpieces, antiques, glassware, etc.

2. Packing Tapes- To seal & secure the moving boxes or cartons, a roll of premium packing tape is the requirement of the hour. For packing purposes, our movers use a packing tape of medium width.

3. Moving Blankets- For packing large-sized household goods such as furniture, refrigerator, air conditioner, bike or car, & other equipment, our movers consider using these blankets to provide ultimate strength & safety to the movable items.

4. Air Pillows- Air pillows are the most preferred packing materials for delicate items. They are like air-filled pouches that are kept in between the gaps of belongings kept inside the boxes.

Air pillows are light or less in weight but can withstand all types of external load on the moving box. These bags are ideal for items with sharp edges and provide extra cushioning at the time of transportation.

5. Plastic Stretch Wraps- Some objects require an extra layer of protection not only from damages but also from dust and scratches. Wrapping your goods with two or three layers of stretchable plastic can safeguard your valuable furniture and will stay intact and stable while being loaded & transferred from pickup to drop location.

6. Packing Peanuts- Packing peanuts are used for absorbing shock when your boxes tumble around and to fill the gap inside the moving box.

7. Spray Foam- It is a sprayed foam used for protecting fragile items as it forms a protective mould around the item. These foams come in many different densities, so be sure to do your research and choose which is best for your items before the move.

8. Crumpled Paper Sheets- Crumpled paper is another simple but effective packaging material for filling in gaps in your shipping box.

It is the list of packing essentials that comprises 8 types of packaging supplies used for protecting fragile or delicate items and furniture during the move.

Considering the necessity of using the best packing material for the safety of goods, it is imperative to hire a skilled team of packers who apply various techniques to pack your belongings with the highest safety.


3. Disassemble Your Large Furniture Before Moving

Furniture like bed, wardrobe, dining table, drawers, etc., must be disassembled first for making the move a little bit easier and that objectless heavier.

It is highly suggested that you disassemble your furniture completely before shifting it. This practice will make your belongings a few inches smaller, preventing the pieces from relocating on their own and breaking. Remove the feet of couches.

For all the other pieces, take off any knobs, drawers, racks, shelves, and legs. While disassembling these items, store all screws and other important pieces into sealable bags where they won’t go missing and label them.

Take extra precautions like removing the glass from windows or taking doors off the hook to avoid breaking and damaging your furniture or tearing fabrics.

This job of dismantling is tough and Mover Melbourne highly suggests you take the help of good furniture removalists for dismantling your valuable furniture.

Dismantling requires good knowledge of tools and techniques for turning out the complex piece of furniture into simpler parts. All these things come with experience which the expert removalists already have.


4. Take Time To Pack And Use The Right Techniques

Packing and wrapping furniture properly is the secret to make sure everything is protected for the long move. Invest in bubble wrap, plastic wrap, packing tape, and other high-quality packaging materials. It will help you move your furniture smoothly to the destination.

For extra protection, get packaging materials that are waterproof to avoid any chance of belongings getting wet.

Collect all these packing supplies 2-3 weeks before your actual moving day and start packing as soon as possible. It is necessary to pack all your furniture and fragile items 3-4 days before the moving day.

Here are some packing tricks and tips which you can use to pack and protect the furniture and heavy objects without any hassle:

  • Clean and dust all the furniture and fragile goods before packing.
  • Wrap the small breakable fragile items with bubble wrap and plastic sheet and place it into a seperate moving box.
  • Fill the moving box with some packing peanuts on the bottom of it, place the item in and fill the rest of the box in with the remaining packing peanuts for better safety.
  • Use bubble wrap to pack all the furniture and heavy household goods and then wrap them with moving blankets and plastic sheets.
  • Secure every box and furniture with a good amount of strong tape.
  • For better safety, place about two inches of crumpled paper between the fragile or delicate belongings and the wall of the box.
  • Use can use the foam spray to give special mould to protect the fragile from breakage.
  • Don’t forget to place air pillows between the moving boxes and fragile furniture at the time of transportation.

5. Always Slide Your Furniture When Loading And Moving It

Create The Pathway- One night before the moving day make space or pathway for your furniture to move smoothly out of the house or office.

Although this might seem like extra work, we guarantee that it is more effective than you pushing your couch through the doorway.

Slide Furniture Instead Of Carrying It- Carrying furniture during the loading and moving process is tough and tedious, and can hurt you a lot. So for better safety, it is always best to use furniture sliders or furniture dollies. They are available in all types of shapes and sizes.

These can be life-savers when it comes to shifting your furniture around. Use plastic sliders for carpeting and soft rubber sliders for hard floors.

With the help of these furniture dollies, you can move and load your furniture and fragile items smoothly without any hassle or stress.

If you’re running out of time and can’t go to a store to purchase it, it’s also easy to make your sliders from plastic container covers, bedspreads, towels and carpet remnants. You can also contact the expert furniture removals service providers to rent these furniture dollies and sliders.


6. Buy Insurance On Your Moving Furniture And Valuable Fragile Items

If you are relocating your goods on your own, then purchasing moving insurance for your valuable goods and furniture is very much necessary.

Removal Insurance helps you in preserving the original value of your goods and provide good recovery compensation if it gets damaged during the transit. There are their types of moving insurance available in the market-

Full-Value Protection

If you buy this moving insurance you will get complete protection on all the goods and it is beneficial if you are moving long-distance and having a large number of valuable goods and furniture. It does not cover those damages which may occur due to natural disasters.

Released-Value Protection

It is free moving insurance, basically for shorter distance and only covers very little compensation, if any damage happens.

Third-Party Moving Insurance

It provides complete protection to your valuable goods and fragile items from all kinds of damage and natural disasters. It is the most chosen moving insurance for interest furniture removals in Melbourne.

According to your requirements, you can purchase any of them for the protection of your expensive furniture and fragile goods during the removal process. Mover Melbourne is the top-rated furniture removalists company and provides the best and cheap moving insurance and 100% satisfactory service to their clients.


7. Hire Professionals Of Furniture Removals

It’s no secret that leaving the hard work to the professional’s movers is always the way to go. After all, moving heavy and delicate furniture requires experience, the right equipment, patience, and a specific skill-set.

At Mover Melbourne, we know exactly how to take care of your delicate items and have exclusive services like custom crating and specialized protection to ensure your furniture always arrives in the best condition.

When in doubt, don’t take the risk of damaging your belongings and hurting yourself — call Mover Melbourne now and learn how we can help with your move.


Bottom Line

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. Take some of the worries out of the equation by packing, securing, and relocating your larger items properly.

Doing so will help to ensure your fragile furniture arrives at your new home in good shape. If you decide to utilize self-storage for your move, learn more about how to keep your belongings safe inside a storage unit.

Your furniture will be the biggest and probably the most expensive component of your move. Packing and securing your fragile furniture properly will ensure your furniture gets to your new house in the best shape.

We often don’t realize how many fragile or delicate items we have at home until we start packing. In short, it can be nerve-wracking to pack and transport your items safely from location A to B.

A few tips and tricks go a long way in showing you how to pack your fragile items effectively. And you must read that a little effort and patience can get the work done on time without having to deal with any frustration.

Now that we have come to the end of our guide, we hope it has helped you level up the packing process for your next move.

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