Some may know or some may not. Preparing for a move is a simple but not an easy task. But if it is done at the right time and with the right safety measures, then it is not so difficult.

You will often need to plan the things that you want to move, the moving company that you want to hire along with several other things such as the packaging supplies used, in advance.

Whenever you move, you have two options, either you handle this process yourself or you take the help of an expert moving company. Whatever the choice is, but the process of moving must be done with good planning, right packing and handling.

In the case of house relocation, moving furniture from one place to another is a demanding task and requires the right knowledge of furniture relocation, efficient tools and equipment, best packing supplies, etc.

This is because furniture is heavy in weight and delicate too. If you want to relocate your furniture safely, then read this blog completely which is dedicated to some easy tips related to furniture moving in Melbourne.


8 Easy Steps To Move Furniture By Yourself

Moving and shifting on your own is quite exciting and a bit tough task because of a lack of moving experience and knowledge.

The furniture is difficult to move because it is large, weighted and has a complex design. But by following these given steps you can move your furniture easily.


1. Prepare A Checklist (one by one)

Enlist everything you need to avoid panic alarms on the moving date. The first step is to prepare a list of all the things you want to do. Since you might need a few things that are needed for the move, it is helpful to prepare a checklist as that will ensure you have all the things you need.

You can add things to the list as and when you remember them, which is why it is always a good idea to make the checklist in advance.


2. Plan Early (don’t wait for the last moment)

Now that you have the list of things you want, all you need to do is plan when and how to do each task mentioned on the list. Plan early to make you stay away from all the trouble and unnecessary stuffing of work. This will help you keep things organized and in order.

It will not only reduce your stress on a moving day but will also help you to reduce your burden considerably as most of your work will be done before the relocation day itself. If you book early then you are more likely to get cheap furniture removalists in Melbourne.


3. Clear All Pending Dues (do it fast)

A week before you have to relocate, it is time for you to start paying all your pending dues. These include paying for the electricity bills, your telephone bills, water bills, or other expenses that you might have done.

It is also advisable to change your mailing address before the move so that all your emails get transferred to your new destination. Also, pay a visit to your new location to ensure that everything is well settled and you can relocate without any problems.


4. Dismantling Before Packing (make it simple)

Disassembling and dismantling large complex furniture like bed, wardrobe, drawers, etc before packing and moving eliminate damage while handling and moving. By doing this, packing large furniture becomes easy, quick, simple to manage. You can use a toolkit to remove all the nuts and bolts of the detachable furniture items.

If you are having a piano or a pool table then dismantling becomes a necessary step before packing and moving. Dismantling is a bit tricky, if you don’t have proper knowledge about it and you find it difficult, contact professional moving company near you.


5. Pack Smartly (don’t waste anything)

It is important to always pack smartly and efficiently, be it for your travel or your relocation, only packing what is required will help to reduce your work and stress. You should know what to pack in advance and then only pack the things that need to be moved.

Also, ensure that while packing, you only pack things that are important and throw away everything that is useless. For packing use best quality packaging materials like bubble wraps, plastic sheets, moving boxes, strong tape, air pillows, packing peanuts, moving blankets, etc. These all packing supplies help you to safeguard your furniture while moving.


6. Load With The Right Equipment (avoid the risk of back pain)

To avoid back injuries, body pain and damage to the furniture during loading, use the right moving equipment like furniture dollies, trolly, furniture sliders, moving straps, etc.

You can purchase or rent this equipment from a professional moving company to remove the risk of damage during the relocation process.

One more thing – never try to lift heavy furniture it can cause severe damage to you and your furniture both.

Always try to slide your furniture with the help of furniture sliders. These sliders are easy to use and help you to move your furniture smoothly and effortlessly.


7. Drive Safely (for a damage-free move)

After proper packing, moving furniture to the destination place is another difficult task. But always remember to go slow and steady while moving with lots of goods. Rent a required size moving van or truck and drive it safely to your new location.

Follow the guidelines and traffic rules if you are moving interstate and driving the moving vehicle on your own. Take all the necessary things like food and medicine with you.

And if you don’t want to take this stress of moving then hire a certified and licensed driver or man with a van removals service for transporting your valuable furniture safely at the lowest possible cost.


8. Unpack And Organize Quickly (don’t be lazy)

This is the last step of relocation and here you do not have to be lazy or light at all. As soon as you reach your new house or office, quickly start unpacking your furniture.

Check whether all the items written in the list have arrived without any damage. After unpacking, dispose of all the waste and clean the new place thoroughly.

Start arranging your furniture and other goods carefully. The sooner you organize your home or office, the more you will feel relaxed and stress-free.


Essential Tip – Hire Professional Furniture Movers Melbourne

Hiring cheap removalists is always a better option than moving by yourself because well-trained furniture movers can carry out the entire move smoothly and move things with zero damage.

Professional moving companies encompass all the guidelines and provisions of national and international regulatory bodies for movers.

These bodies help protect the customer, support border regulations, and create better outcomes for the customers as well as movers.

There are many reasons to choose a furniture removalists company, here are the other benefits of hiring furniture removalists for a hassle-free relocation experience:


1. One Spot For Everything

There are some movers who provide you with more services than others and completely take away the stress from your move. While booking removalists, make sure you do your research.

This will help you to know which removal company is offering you more services. Some expert moving companies like Mover Melbourne offer both packing and moving to you. They also take care of the assembling of goods at the new place.

However, some of them offer only moving services which make it difficult for you to pack the goods and reassemble them on your own. Mover Melbourne is blessed to have one of the most talented people in our group to help out our clients in moving challenges.


2. Best Warehousing Facility

At times, it becomes very important to store goods in a warehouse rather than storing them at your house. This is especially true in the case of interstate removals in Melbourne as the journey is often long and exhausting. You might need to stop during the journey and having that many goods with you can be a hassle.

It also helps you when you have very little space in your new home and want to keep some of your belongings in another place for some time. A storage facility will not just reduce your stress but also help you to ensure that your goods are in safe and secure hands.


3. Efficient And Effortless Furniture Removals

They help you to relax and rest throughout the relocation. Meanwhile, they deal with everything from packing, transportation, unloading, and even assembling it at your desired location.

You should simply book their services and they do everything you want according to your schedule. This makes things simple and convenient for you. You just have to contact the best movers like Mover Melbourne and generate your quote to make everything right for your move.


4. Safe and Affordable Furniture Move

Arranging a whole relocation without any preparation isn’t simply debilitating for you but also for your pocket. The most ideal approach to relocate is to employ the cheapest but the best furniture removalists who will deal with your relocation for you.

Employing professional movers in Melbourne is simpler and more pleasant than moving on our own. You may cause severe damage to the items due to our lack of experience and that may harm your moving budget too. But expert moving companies provide you with insurance cover and cheap moving services that easily fits into your budget.


5. Experienced And Qualified Removalists

Cheap furniture removalists in Melbourne have been around for a long time. They have the necessary experience and range of abilities required to prepare for a fast and stable relocation.

When you recruit furniture removalists in Melbourne or some other removals then you get the most experienced and capable movers to complete your move for you.

You may not recognize the best devices to dismantle your piano or the best packaging to pack your furniture, but cheap furniture movers in Melbourne are aware of the tricks and techniques.


The End Of Line

Either you choose DIY move or expert furniture removals service from the professional moving company, just follow these given points and tips to make your move smooth and easy.

Mover Melbourne is also one of the most high-rated and trusted furniture removals companies in Melbourne and throughout Australia.

We offer the best moving services at the cheapest rates. If you want to know more about our services or need any kind of help related to moving, then just make a call to our customers’ support which is 24*7 available for you.

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Have A Happy Moving!

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