Moving to a new place is a kind of hustle in life. You cannot take a single risk while moving. And if you have heavy objects like a hot tub and plan to move them with yourself, do not worry at all.

You are at the right place to know more about it. If you have successfully found a new home for you, and you want your lovely hot tub in that new location, then we can understand that it can be a big challenge for you. It can be a challenging task to complete.

The average vacant weight of a hot tub is around 225 kilograms to 454 kilograms! The professionals are the best people who can do it, but with the support of a group of friends, it is possible to move from one place to another.

Secure Way To Move Hot Tub By Yourself

  • You need two wooden trolleys, a long leather belt, and these are enough supplies. But don’t forget the essential tools to lock, unlock, and clear the hot tub.
  • Arrange the trolleys from any of your friends or family. Take their help in knowing the features and application to use correctly.
  • Measure the size of a hot tub and book a truck according to the size of a hot tub. The hot tubs are pretty huge in shape and considerable size, so you must measure them first.
  • Measure it with a new modern inch tape. Generally, a hot tub comes in very irregular sizes. They are enormous also. Their shape and size make it tough to move them.
  • Always try to set a straight path that has fewer obstacles in the way for both cases, i.e. hot tub to truck and truck to a new home. It simply means that you need to care while loading and unloading the hot tub.
  • Shut off the hot tub’s power and pull out the power cable. If you do it, there can be an electric shock or short circuit while moving.
  • Clean the hot tub, use the drain valve to drain, and use the secondary pump for immediate action during move.
  • For unfinished water, use the vacuum cleaner to clean it properly and clean it with a dry clean towel. Also, clean it with a cloth by yourself. Take a dry cotton cloth, and wipe the whole hot tub from inside.
  • Pack the accessories of a hot tub, including a pump, electric cable, etc. Keep all the accessories in a separate box, away from the other boxes. Label the box with any paper mentioning the name.
  • If you keep the hot tub accessories along with the other one, then it can cause damage to the parts during transportation.
  • With the help of your friends, place the hot tub over the trolleys with the help of two 2x4s and tighten them with the leather belt.
  • Move the hot tub with the help of trolleys and friends or helpers. Wrap the accessories and keep them with the hot tub in the truck.
  • Take a look after keeping all the items safely. Understand where you’ve kept them.
  • Backpedal is the process to unload the hot tub in the new house.

Precaution Should Be Taken For Moving The Hot Tub

We have to take care of the hot tub and ourselves because it can harm you seriously.

  • Don’t try to move alone; take the help of a professional moving company or friends.
  • Don’t try to move the filled hot tub; clean it properly before moving.

Accessories Needed To Move The Hot Tub

  • Well sized moving truck
  • 4 or 5 Professional Hot Tub Movers or Friends
  • Tool Kit
  • 2 Wooden Trolleys
  • Leather belt
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Secondary Pump

Get Help From Expert Hot Tub / Bathtub Movers

To avoid the risk of damage to a hot tub and injuries. It depends on your budget. They have the proper equipment, experience for this process. If your hot tub is still under warranty, professional hot tub movers may be required to secure you don’t abolish the warranty during the move.

Not all moving companies are experienced with hot tubs, so be positive to specifically ask the companies you are considering or select a company specialising in this type of move.

We understand that it will not be easy for you to do it all alone. So, in case if you need anyone genuine to help you, then we are here.

We are Mover Melbourne, and we help people in relocation and secure move. We are a team of professionals, and every member has good knowledge of it. We have successfully moved many heavy objects of various shapes in a very smooth manner. Call us anytime, and we will not make you regret it later for sure.

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