Moving a house comes with many different challenges and experiences. People feel excited and nervous about their move from one place to another, and plan many things that they want to do during and after the move.

No doubt it is a tedious and lengthy process, particularly when it comes to moving the heavy and fragile household appliances and electronic gadgets like washing machine, television, PC’s, refrigerator, microwave, etc. These electronics are very much difficult to move and reassemble because of their size and weight.

That is why hiring professional house removalists becomes very much necessary and important to move the household appliances and electronic gadgets safely to the new destination place.

The body of the household appliances are mostly made up of hard plastic and glass and can break easily if they were not protected properly. Therefore they must be handled with proper care and safety during the house relocation process.

Knowing this fact, many smart people of Melbourne, Australia choose the brilliant and experienced home electronic appliances removals service for safe and happy house removals in Melbourne.

But due to some genuine financial constraints, some people will not be able to hire expert house removalists in Melbourne, which results in poor and unsatisfied house moving journeys.

Considering all these things, in this section of the blog Mover Melbourne will discuss its easy and safe procedure to move household appliances securely while moving house from one place to another. Here we will discuss all the best ways to move and pack electronics when moving house in Melbourne.


Step 1: Sort The List Of Household Appliances

Before moving your house or apartment it is necessary to make a clear strategy for moving your electronics easily and safely to the new place.

Sorting is an important step, after all, you also don’t want to pack and load unnecessary and old stuff to your new place. Even in the case of moving household appliances, you need to sort what you want to move with you.

Relocating these voluminous electronics while moving house is very tough, therefore Mover Melbourne has prepared some parameters that will help you to sort your electronics goods before packing and moving.

Consider these following points and move household appliances with you, only if:

  • It has been in good working condition
  • It has been purchased recently
  • You like its functionality
  • It is expensive and dear to you
  • It is required at your new place
  • You don’t have any storage space for the ‘not so required’ electronic goods.

Do not move those electronics and kitchen appliances that are broken or having some technical faults. They will just increase your headache, so it is better to donate or sell those unwanted and old household appliances before moving your house.


Step 2: To Move Household Appliances Safely, First Check Their Condition

This second step is dedicated to the safe moving of electronics and most people and many other removalists skip this step. It is very essential to check your electronic appliances’ condition before packing and moving.

Now the question arises that, why it is necessary-

  • This will helps you to provide an accurate idea about the packing supplies and equipment if you know the right condition of your household appliances.
  • It helps in sorting the list of gadgets and other goods.
  • If you are moving your house to the interstate’s of Melbourne, then it is good to check and note the present condition of your household goods before giving them for transportation.

These are the hidden reasons behind examining the present condition of the electronics behind moving. That is why all expert and professional house and office removalists in Melbourne check your stuff before moving.


Step 3: Buy The Best Quality Packing Supplies To Move Your House Electronics Safely

In order to keep all your household appliances and electronics safe while moving house, packing supplies of good quality is must.

If you are not hiring any professional removalists in Melbourne then don’t compromise with packing material. Invest your money in buying good packing stuff, because it will helps to protect your goods from jerks and damages during transit.

Here is the list of packing material that every professional moving company uses to pack and move electronic gadgets and equipment with zero damage:

Moving Box: If you are not having the original box of those electronics which you are going to move then buy hard cardboard moving boxes. This is the most basic packing essential for safe and secure house removals. Moving boxes are available in different shapes and sizes in the market, you can buy them according to your requirements.

Thermocol Case: Thermocol cases are very important for moving electronics safely, without them you can’t imagine damage-free removal of your household appliances and electronic gadgets. It prevents your device and equipment from being crushed at the time of loading and transportation.

Bubble Wrap: Heavy plastic bubble wraps are commonly used to protect electronics from breakage during transportation. Anti-static bubble wraps are used to wrap the PC’s and desktops and help to protect them from static electricity while moving. Bubble wraps will provide good cushioning to your household appliances and electronics.

Basic Material: It consists of strong tape, plastic sheets, waterproof markers and labels. All these are required for securing the goods properly. Labels will save your lot of time and energy at the time of reassembling. No skimp while using tape.

Packing Peanuts: It is a substitute for the thermal case. It is generally used to fill the gaps in the moving box. If you don’t get the right type and size of thermocol case then you can use packing peanuts to protect your electronics while moving house.


Step 4: Collect The Right Tools And Equipment To Move Household Appliances Easily

To move your house electronics, a bunch of tools and equipment are required to make the move successful and hassle-free. Moving tools and equipment will save your lots of energy while moving those heavy and voluminous household appliances.

Collect the following moving equipment for the safe and secure move:

Appliance/Furniture Dolly: This is the most required and necessary tool for moving heavy appliances like a fridge, washing machine, dishwasher, etc. You can purchase or rent it from your nearest store and removals service provider in Melbourne. With the help of furniture dollies, you can smoothly move and load your appliances and can save lots of effort.

Moving Blankets: This is also a very commonly used material while moving house. It is used to cover the value of goods and electronics to protect them from dents and scratches. You can purchase it from your local market and use it several times.

Moving Straps: It is used to fix and secure your appliances on the dolly and inside the moving truck or van. If you do not get it from the supermarket, then you can use ropes also.

Sliding Pads: These are required to safeguard your house flooring scratches and to move household appliances steadily without putting in much effort. It also comes in different kinds of sizes and, for all types of floors. Either you can rent it or purchase it.

Assembling and buying these all moving tools, equipment and packaging supplies to move household appliances and electronics safely may cost you dearly.

That is why most of the people hire trusted and professional removals service in Melbourne, as they come with their own packaging supplies and moving tools. Most importantly, they have good knowledge about moving and removal experience.


Step 5: Start Packing Of Your Electronics

It’s time to start the actual work. After collecting all the necessary things to pack and move household appliances and other things securely. Start from the packaging.

It consumes a lot of time, so we suggest you start packing your valuable electronic items 4-5days before the moving day.

Here are some basic points to remember when you start packing: Remove All The Detachable Parts: When you start packing, if that item or gadget is having some detachable parts then remove them. It makes the item a bit lighter and easier to pack and move. For example – when moving a fridge professional fridge removalists in Melbourne remove all the internal components before packing.

Clean It Before Packing: Before wrapping and packing clean the household appliances properly and all their detached parts.

Pack Everything And Label It: Collect all the packing material and pack your electronics accordingly. Cover all the appliances properly with bubble wrap and moving blankets, and secure them with a good amount of tape. Assemble all the packed items in moving boxes and put labels on them.

If you find this job of packing difficult and have no professional knowledge about packing and moving then you must hire professional movers in Melbourne to relocate your appliances safely to the destination place.

You can customize your packing service according to your needs with no worries and damage. Moving and packing services are cheap and save more money than DIY moves.


Step 6: Choose The Right Moving Vehicle

Here comes the moving day. After complete packing of your large electrical appliances, hire the best and reliable man and van moving service in Melbourne for loading and moving your goods carefully.

You rent a van or truck also and drive it yourself, but it is not safe sometimes because you don’t have proper knowledge and experience of short routes and long drives with goods.

Otherwise, you can take the help of your family members and friends to load and relocate your household goods to the new place.

Packing and moving home appliances is tough and it requires good technical knowledge and professional packing skills. You should not take risk of these valuable and heavy appliances.

For the safety of your goods and yours too, Mover Melbourne advises you to choose the professionals and experts of this industry. Our team of movers are experienced and can move your goods very smoothly without any damage.

We provide full-value moving insurance to ensure the peace of mind of our clients. For any kind of query and questions, you can freely contact our customer support service. We are 24*7 available.

If you have some enquiry then you call at 0370201341
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