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Many people have fancy spas and bathtubs in their house and love having that in their bathrooms. We grow fond of it and feel attached as we create so many memories with it. After a hectic day, when we feel like having a hot bath, there is nothing better than a hot tub. Nevertheless, when we talk about moving a house, relocating a bathtub is tricky because of its heavy and fragile nature and needs professional care while moving it. Spa and hot tub are those valuable belongings you cannot even imagine taking a risk with at the time of removal. Many people try to move it at their own risk, but it is not the safest way of moving your delicate bathtub. Relocation of a bathtub or spa tub is not easy; it requires the correct technique, moving tools, and is much more robust. To safely remove your bathtub or spa, one should always choose the best spa removals experts near them to ensure safety. And when the relocating comes to safety and quality, Mover Melbourne is one of the most affordable spa movers in Canterbury, providing safe removal and storage services in very little time. You might think it's near me or not! You do not need to panic as Mover Melbourne provides the best spa removal services near you. We are 24/7 available to serve you and lower the burden from your shoulder and mind as well about your spa or bathtub relocation.

Our spa removals experts have been working hard in this field for the last eight years and so far have completed more than 800 spa tub and bathtub removal across Canterbury. We have moved several types of bathtubs like generic bathtubs, soaking bathtubs, a walk-in bathtub and even whirlpools and air tubs. Our reliable bathtub and spa movers are well-trained and know how to move heavy but delicate bathtub and spa tubs safely. We use proper equipment and moving tools to safeguard our client's expensive bathtubs while moving them from one place to another. Furthermore, Mover Melbourne is 24/7 available at your service. Our professional team has equipped themselves with protective gear, proper tools, and sufficient training, which help us take out bathtubs of any shape and size. Apart from that, we are prepared for your most convenient hours of relocation so we would not disrupt the time of your busy lifestyle and bonding moments.

Why Choose Our Professional Spa Movers In Canterbury?

Mover Melbourne has provided affordable spa tub removal services all across Sydney for more than eight years. Our practice has helped us improve the winning formula for all of your spa tub removal needs.

Moreover, we show how we consider our clients by completing a fast and effective spa tub and spa removal service when you are in Canterbury.

Further, our experiences have served us to develop an efficient and safe removal. These are the point why should you opt for our spa removal services in Canterbury:

  • Stress-free removal of your spa: Once you hand it over to us, there is no need to worry for you. You can sit back and relax. We make sure to incorporate all the services you may need.
  • Lessened risk of damage and accidental property loss: Before moving your bathtub, we wrap it and its parts in secure, high-quality packing material like bubble wraps, foam sheets, and plastic boxes. To top it up, we also use heavy-duty blankets for double protection.
  • Cost-effective: Our services will be under your budget, and we promise that. You can book a quote before the actual moving process to get a rough idea about pricing.
  • Reputed Organisation:
    Mover Melbourne has been working in this area for many years now, which helped us build quite a market reputation. Our experience also helps gain customers as our existing customers tend to promote us by word of mouth.
  • Readily Available: You can book our moving services very easily online by visiting our website anytime. We take bookings and deliver services 24*7 every day, even on weekends.
  • Moving Insurance:
    We provide comprehensive insurance if your bathtub gets damaged during the moving process. You can avail of the insurance within 24 hours of delivering your bathtub by reaching out to us.

The Process Followed During Spa Tub Removals Service In Canterbury

  • Estimation: It is necessary to cover everything before our professionals begin the moving process. Our bathtub removalists measure the dimensions of the spa tub and the walkways and driveway of the course from where the spa will go through at the current and new destination to make sure it fits. We also measure the new location where you intend to place the spa. Our Canterbury professional movers ensure a clear path from the spa to the moving truck and vice versa at pick up and drop off locations. Once we confirm the dimensions of your spa, then our experienced bathtub mover in Canterbury provides customised moving trucks that are large enough to accommodate your spa tub. We move your spa on its side or base as long as it conveniently fits in the truck. Our spa removal services experts in Canterbury also provides you with a moving ramp or hydraulic lift to make your bathtub relocation process more manageable and smoother.
  • Disconnect: We do not want any strings dangling or getting hooked on things during the move. It can cause a quick accident and result in unwanted damage. Therefore, our expert bathtub and spa movers in Canterbury depart the spa tub from the electrical connection, roll the power cord, cover it in a watertight case and set it inside the storage section on the side panel of our moving truck. Next, we turn off the water supply and empty the spa. Once emptied, close the channel cap and dry off the spa with wipers. You can also do this method a few days before moving and allow your spa to air dry thoroughly.
  • Relocation: Our 2-4 professional experts smoothly lift one corner of the spa and place a hydraulic lift below the edge of the spa. Repeat this process on each corner. This method helps us raise the bathtub from the ground, allowing you to slide the moving dolly under it. We carefully move the spa onto the truck with the help of ramps or using the hydraulic lift. Leave the dolly under the spa whilst it is on the moving truck, so your spa tub can quickly move it back out of the truck at the new location. And finally, securely relocate it from old to the desired destination very efficiently.
  • Protection: As we all know, packing can be slow because you have to face many difficulties if you don't know how to do it correctly. Give your professionals prepare your treasures for a move, and you don't have to bother about your belongings. We are well equipped and use innovative methods and the most secure packaging supply to pack your spa tub with the ultimate responsibility. Our professional movers in Canterbury wrap the spa with furniture blankets to prevent any scratches or damages throughout the relocation process. As per the requirement of the size of your spa, we provide 4 to 6 furniture blankets. Our team of professional furniture removalists wrap the spa and get it ready to move; tie the spa to the truck's sides so it does not move during transit. Our professional movers in Canterbury wrap the spa with furniture blankets to prevent any scratches or damages throughout the relocation process. As per the requirement of the size of your spa, we provide 4 to 6 furniture blankets. Our removalists wrap the spa and get it ready to move; tie the spa to the truck's sides so it does not move during transit.
  • FAQs | Bathtub Removalists In Canterbury

    What Is The Cost Of Hiring Bathtub Removalists In Canterbury?

    Mover Melbourne promises their customers a lower price and more professional service for their spa removal than other bathtub removalists in Canterbury. The cost for the spa relocation depends on various types of factors that differ in every relocation.

    We know that spa and bathtubs' fine weight and bulkiness can make them difficult to move and discard. The common factor that mainly determines the bathtub removal expenses is the weight and distance of the move. For example, an average empty Spa Tub is 500 lbs in weight, so relocating a 500 lbs spa tub is a challenging job. Likewise, many factors affect the cost of moving a heavy item like a bathtub. So feel free to contact us to get the best spa removal quote.

    Contact us for Bathtub Removalists Service in Canterbury and get free bathtub removal quotes. Mover Melbourne does not price for a moving quote. To find us on google or any other search engine, you can type "best and cheap spa tub removalists near me in Canterbury" or contact us on 0370201341 or mail us

    How many days before the move do we have to drain off the bathtub?

    Twenty-four hours is the minimum time to drain off your spa tub before the removal. If you want to empty your tub faster, you can use a fixture to drain your tub within 1 hour. Draining your tub is necessary for your removal because spa tubs are too heavy to relocate when full of water.

    Does Mover Melbourne provide insurance coverage on the damage to our spa tub?

    Mover Melbourne understands that you have an expensive spa tub, so we provide full insurance coverage on the relocation of your valuable item. If we failed to secure your spa tub by chance, you could freely contact us for the compensatory amount. To get the compensatory amount, you need to show us the before and after the image of your spa tub.

    Do we have to gather our tools before moving?

    No, you do not need to gather or worry about any moving tool or equipment. Our professional removalists carry personal toolboxes and moving equipment for the easy and safe bathtub removal process. Just contact Mover Melbourne; we will quickly and safely move your bathtub without any hassle.

    What are your operating hours?

    We work 24*7 and can serve you throughout the week. Our team consists of hardworking people who can serve you throughout the week.

    How much does your service cost?

    It usually depends on the size of the tub and other factors. But you don't have to worry about the cost as our service is cost-effective. We will provide you with the best spa removal services in Canterbury at the least possible price.

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