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Piano Removalists in Bentleigh Melbourne

When people in Bentleigh, Melbourne think about piano removals in Melbourne, Mover Melbourne is the first name that comes to their mind. We love to accept challenges, and because of that, we relocate all types of pianos with the necessary specialized equipment needed to move these items. We understand the special care and attention that is needed to relocate a piano, which weighs around 700 lbs and costs around 4000$. Mover Melbourne piano movers have been providing removal service for the last 8 years. We are a well-known piano removal company in Bentleigh, Melbourne. We are still developing our family business and Mover Melbourne is providing expert piano removals service in Bentleigh, Melbourne.

Cumbersome items such as piano are one of the tasks Mover Melbourne is able to handle with ease and efficiency. Mover Melbourne has the best equipment for piano removals in Bentleigh, Melbourne. We have relocated more than 2000 pianos successfully. Mover Melbourne is known for its professional and systematic piano removals in Bentleigh, Melbourne. Our expert removalists provide their full attention and care to move a heavy item like the piano. All the specifications and considerations of our customers are properly followed by our removalists. Mover Melbourne aims to provide 100% satisfactory results along with a big smile on our customer’s face. Besides piano removals, we relocate other bulky, heavy and valuable items in Bentleigh, Melbourne. Our Piano Movers Melbourne team do not hesitate to lift heavy items and consider them as part of our removalist job. You can relax assured, knowing that no matter the size and weight of the item, Mover Melbourne will find a secure way to relocate the item. All the trucks of Mover Melbourne are equipped with a satellite tracking system such as a GPS device which provides our customers with the current location of the truck. If you are thinking of relocating your piano from Bentleigh, Melbourne, then call us.

Mover Melbourne specializes in moving all heavy items like piano and pool table. Whether relocating piano from your home to concert halls or from a piano shop to your home, we provide fully satisfactory results to our customers. Call us today on 0370201341 for your piano removals in Bentleigh, Melbourne.


The common and unsafe way of moving a piano is when a household member moves a piano by extreme force. It requires at least 8 people to relocate a piano. If you are lucky enough you will load up your piano inside a van without any crash or damage. This way of removal has a very high chance of damage to your piano.

Mover Melbourne have professional piano movers with 8 years of experience in piano removals in Bentleigh, Melbourne. Our removalists are well equipped with piano skids, moving pads, ramps, slings and have the perfect knowledge to relocate a piano safely. Our piano movers use special techniques for piano removal which only require 4 to 6 people during the most difficult moves. You can't learn the technique of piano removal overnight by YouTube. The knowledge and experience of piano removal are learned by several years of experience. With 8 years of experience, our piano movers in Bentleigh, Melbourne have learned to face every type of difficulty that occurs during the piano removal process. Many people will drop their jaws on the floor when they see Mover Melbourne removalists relocating a piano after they have attempted it themselves in the past.

Leave all your burden of the relocation of the piano on the shoulders of “Mover Melbourne”. There are so many people saying that they know how to move a piano, but we always guide you to trust only real and professional piano movers in Bentleigh, Melbourne.


We understand that relocating a 700 lbs piano from one state to another is a stressful task for beginners. Our piano movers in Bentleigh, Melbourne are experts in piano removal and experience is the backbone of their operation. If you are looking for interstate piano movers, please do not hesitate to contact Mover Melbourne for your piano removal or further information. Mover Melbourne will arrange your interstate removal with budgetary charges. In fact, our prices are very fair as compared to other piano removals companies in Bentleigh, Melbourne. We also promise that our piano removal services are never compromised because of lower prices. Our piano movers in Bentleigh, Melbourne always ensure to provide full satisfaction to customers in each and every removal process.

We own the biggest moving trucks of all sizes from 2-tonne vans to 12-tonne trucks.


Mover Melbourne is an accredited removalist company as we are internationally certified piano movers in Melbourne. It provides the legal rights to a moving company which can deal with all the accreditation, training, compliance, and licensing to deliver according to your expectation. Mover Melbourne has experience of 8 years in piano removals services, which simply means we are professional as well as certified piano movers in Bentleigh, Melbourne.

Our Piano Removals Service in Bentleigh, Melbourne allow our customers to inspect our vehicles to prove that our trucks are roadworthy and clean. Mover Melbourne also explains to their customers about the insurance options, expected delivery time, and additional charges which may apply due to some unforeseen circumstances. Call us today and we will certainly look after you and your removal from start to finish.

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Mover Melbourne does not charge for a moving quote. To hire piano removals service in Bentleigh, Melbourne, Call us on 0370201341 or mail us at Mover Melbourne also provide house removals, office removals, furniture removals, a man with a van removals, pool table removals and interstate removalists service in Bentleigh, Melbourne.


Does moving the piano affect the sound quality of my piano?

No, the proper relocation of a piano will not affect the sound quality of your piano. The change in the quality of sound only occurs due to the change in the tuning of the piano. The piano is made up of wood and steel. Wood is affected by temperature and humidity whereas steel is affected by temperature. When these elements change so does the piano's sound quality. Mover Melbourne will decide which type of environment is best for piano. Another reason for the difference in the sound of your piano is due to the size of the room and its acoustics. Another element like carpet absorbs sound whereas hardwood reflects sound.

What does a removalist do?

Mover Melbourne removals team will plan each and every stage of the piano removal in Bentleigh, Melbourne. Our professionals listen to information and suggestions as guided by the clients. Mover Melbourne does not consider any task too short or too big. We service small to large size relocation and can arrange the number of trucks and containers according to the estimation by our professional surveyor. The basic factor which strikes our mind in the piano removal is the price. When you hire a removalist service you just need to sit and watch the whole relocation process. Our relocation hourly charges are much lesser as compared to other removalist services providers. Our cheapest rates do not mean that it will affect our professionalism.

We are moving our whole house furniture and household items. Does Mover Melbourne also include piano removal as part of your service and quote price?

If the piano is being a part of the whole house removal then Mover Melbourne does not charge extra money. We consider your piano as part of the goods in your home relocation.

What will happen after I claim the damaged piano?

After you apply for the claim our concerned department will look into the damaged piano and will recover the damage for you. You do not need to worry about it as our removalists team professionally handles these kinds of cases.

Is the estimated one the final price?

When you tell us about the property that needs to be moved with other details, then our team gets a rough idea about the work that needs to be done and we provide you with a rough amount that can cost you. This amount may change (just a few dollars).

What if my belongings are damaged by Mover Melbourne?

Since our team is always careful when we are at your removal service this cannot happen, but if in case something like this happens then you can claim for the damaged property within 24 hours after the moving process is completed.

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