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Pool Table Removal Service In West Melbourne

Pool table removalists in West Melbourne

Ranked among the best Pool table removalists in West, Melbourne “Mover Melbourne can provide you with anything to make your pool table relocation smooth and easy. Playing pool together creates a good time among family members and friends. We all do have some memories about fluke shots which have brought a smile to our face. Billiards is connecting and creating happiness among human beings.

Pool table Movers West Melbourne understands the care needed for the maintenance of the pool table. Dust, smoke, harsh shots and water are the common elements which can cause damage to your pool table. If you are looking for efficient pool table removalists service in West, Mover Melbourne is the best suitable option located near you.

How our Pool table Movers West Melbourne moves your Pool table?

Inspection of a pool table: Mover Melbourne cares about their customers, we do not just lift the heavy pool table and shift. Even a glass of water can spoil your pool table cloth. Relocation of the pool table should be considered as a matter of care and protection. Pool table is made of wood, cloth and marble. Pool table removalists West Melbourne team will disassemble your pool table into various parts for secure relocation. Before even touching your pool table, our removalists will have an inspection of your pool table. This inspection includes checking and clicking the photographs of Rails, cushions, slate, pockets and the cabinet. Pictures of the damaged parts will be taken before the actual pool removal relocation. Inspection of the pool table also includes the space for disassembling the pool table and all the hurdles for relocation.

Disassembling and packaging: Another step in pool removalists service in West Melbourne is Unassembling of the pool table. Pool table Movers West Melbourne knows that other removalists do not provide disassembling and assembling service for pool table removal. Our pool table professional team will disassemble your pool table into pieces. Your pool table slate, cloth, stands, side cushions will be disassembled and packed with plastic sheets. As covering your pool table parts it will be stored in custom boxes. Mover Melbourne has custom made boxes for your slate, cloth, stands and side cushions.

Loading and relocating: As Mover Melbourne has disassembled your pool table, it is an easy task to load your pool table. Only Mover Melbourne 2 professionals can load up your pool table in our van for relocation. We are known for our secured and easy relocation service all over West Melbourne. For successful and secure relocation, Mover Melbourne has installed CCTV cameras and GPS devices. Our pool table removalists West Melbourne team provide full access to CCTV cameras and GPS devices to our customers. You can check your pool table location just by sitting on your couch.

Unloading and Assembling: After reaching to your new destination our pool table professional will unload the parts of your pool table. Mover Melbourne will assemble your pool table exactly as it was before relocation. Our pool table movers West Melbourne team promise our customers to provide stress-free and hassle-free pool table removals service with an insurance guarantee. If by any chance there is damage to your pool table, we provide the compensation amount or repair of the damaged part.

Why choose our Pool Table Removalists Melbourne team for pool table Removals?

Mover Melbourne provides the most trusted and efficient pool table removals in West Melbourne. We have been serving a pool table removalists Melbourne service for the last 8 years. As we are an efficient pool table removalists company in West Melbourne, we provide 100% satisfactory results to our customers. Mover Melbourne aim is to see a big smile on clients face after the relocation process.

We provide a full range of removalists service for business and individuals. Mover Melbourne is well known for their professional and systematic work in West Melbourne. We have completed more than 2000 pool table removal in a period of 8 years. Being in the market for such a long time we have earned numerous positive heartwarming responses from our clients. These followings are the reasons to choose our pool table removals service:

  1. Stress-free pool table removal: Mover Melbourne provides door to door removalists service in West. Our professional removalists will pack, load and reassemble your pool table from your home. You don’t need to worry about unassembling and moving the heavy pool table. Pool table Movers West Melbourne will take away your stress and provide stress-free and hassle-free removal service.
  2. Exemplary customer service: Mover Melbourne is not only good in pool table removal but also in building long term relationships with clients. Our exemplary service includes installation of Gps & security cameras, cleaning & assembling service.
  3. High-quality service at an affordable price: We promise that our pool table removalists service is much cheaper than other removalists in West Melbourne. Low price removal will not affect the professionalism of our work. Get a quote from best budget removalists, West
  4. Local City route experience: Pool table needs full care and attention for its removal. As we understand that removalist service provider charge according to per hour basics. No one likes to pay more just because the driver is not aware of city routes. Mover Melbourne has been providing Pool table removalists service in West Melbourne for the last 8 years. We are aware of each and every city route of West which will save your extra time delivery charges. We know the one-way directions, parking location, height restrictions and moving routes during rush hour.
  5. 7 days a week removal service: It does not matter whether you call us on Wednesday or Sunday, we are available 7 days a week for pool table removal. We also provide our work on weekends. Our Pool Table Movers West Melbourne fully understands our customer's requirements and knows that it is not possible for everyone to do all kinds of stuff on weekdays. Especially at the time of interstate relocation, therefore, we have a large pool movers team that is always available for you.
  6. 100% Fully Insured Removal Company: Mover Melbourne understands that Life is uncertain. We provide 100% fully insurance for pool table removals in West Melbourne. If there is any damage caused to your pool table you can freely ask for compensation for the damaged item. To avail, your compensation just mails us the photograph of the damaged part and add your removal number.

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Contact us today for Piano removals and get free Moving Quote

Mover Melbourne does not charge for a free moving quote. To get piano removalists service in West Melbourne. Call us on 0370201341 or mail us at To find us on google simply check Removalist near me or search for cheap Removalists, Melbourne. Mover Melbourne also provide house removals, office removal, Pool Table Removal, a man with a van removal, piano removal, pool table removal and interstate Removalists service in West Melbourne

Frequently asked questions on Pool Table Removalists in West Melbourne

Can you move a 3 piece slate pool table without taking it apart from the pool table?

No Mover Melbourne will not move a pool table without disassembling. We can only relocate your pool without disassembling your pool table if it is a single slate pool table. For the successful and damage-free pool table relocation, slates need to be taken apart and packed individually for the move. Mover Melbourne will disassemble, pack and reassemble your pool table with ease and security.

Is it possible for me to move the pool table?

Only, if you are a superman you can relocate 700 pounds pool table alone. Pool tables are sensitive in nature. Pool tables need extreme care and the work to move them should only be left for professionals. One wrong move can damage your expensive pool table. It is the best option to hire a removalist service then damaging your pool table or hurting yourself.

Does your Pool Table Removals in West Melbourne service require an early deposit?

Earlier we have faced many issues when the client cancels the removal at the end of the day for no specific reason. To overcome this issue we have developed an early deposit system in which we both have the security of the removal process. Mover Melbourne has a very tight removal routine, for confirming your removal booking you need to pay an early deposit to fix your removal date and trimmings.

Why Should I Choose your pool table removalists service?

We know that Most pool tables are heavy and costly. Improper relocation of the pool table can cause damage or in some cases injuries to the person doing this heavy task. We highly recommend hiring a professional removalist to assist your needs. We have experienced and expert pool table removalists Melbourne who can do your removals secure and stress-free.

Do I need to pay for travel time?

Yes, We charge from the time the truck or van leaves our depot until it returns on completion of your removal. This price is charged additionally to the hourly rate.

I want to relocate my pool table? Can I get the quotes?

Yes, you can get the quotes. We will not charge for the quotes. We understand our clients' pool table removal requirements and know every person has to plan their budget before going for any service. You can contact us anytime. for any removalists services

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Appericiate the work done by you guys. Had a great experience. All things were organize and all my household belongings were safely moved to the new house. Thanks a lot!

Chris B
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I recommend Movers Melbourne because of the great task they did. The piano I had to move was old but expensive. Thank you so much!

Sue Berit
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I rarely write testimonials, but this removals company deserves a shout out. They made our move from Melbourne to Adelaide hassle-free for my family. They unloaded in the rain and avoided any damage to our contents and all staff went above and beyond to get the job done on time and on budget. Thank you so much.

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We needed a last-minute removalist and packing company and were recommended Mover Melbourne from a colleague. They gave us great advice and we managed to save money by using their backloading service. The team was extremely helpful and turned a stressful time into a hassle-free experience. Hats off to Mover Melbourne.


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