The cardboard boxes we use for packing are among the everyday things that could accumulate over time. Especially after moving, it is most common to hoard an alarming quantity of cardboard boxes. And if these boxes are not managed properly, they can create a massive amount of environmental waste. Instead of throwing these boxes into the garbage, we can also reuse them in several ways and save money and time to accommodate other things.  

So to protect the environment and make complete use of the cardboard boxes for which we have paid while moving our house or commercial place, we have mentioned the 7 most effective ways to efficiently reuse cardboard boxes and get a bit of value from these boxes.

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1. Reuse Cardboard Boxes For Gardening

Make use of the cardboard boxes for an easy-to-dig permaculture garden bed. First, take out the staples and tape from your boxes, then soak them in water and place them in the soil wherever you want to build the flower bed. Also, add the top layer with compost mulch, dried leaves, and grass clippings, keep it damp, and plant. In time, the cardboard should degrade and become food for your plants.

Another suggestion that comes from us is to transform smaller containers into small plant pots. Tape the sides and the bottom and then put a plastic container inside, poking tiny holes to allow drainage. Then, fill the box with soil and plants.

2. Make Stationery Of Old Boxes For You And Your Kids

If it’s for commercial or personal use, stationery made from scratch will surely be memorable. Using cardboard as a base for thank-you notecards or messages from friends gives an authentic look to the products. You can also use cardboard and paper as scraps for your brainstorming sessions. You can even cut the pieces into pieces for use for labels for your bins in the garage!

Moreover, you can also use them to make your kids have some experiments and show their creativity. This can become a funny and knowledgeable part of their daily routine. This way, you will get different stationary items from old cardboard boxes and materials that look funky and eye-catching for your kids. 

3. DIY Cardboard Box Castle

If you have a giant cardboard box left over from an appliance or furniture piece, ensure your child can play with it! These boxes can be transformed into castles, forts, playhouses, and spaceships. For children who are young, offer assistance in cutting and assembly. Also, make sure you have plenty of markers, crayons, or chalk to decorate. 

Coloring the cardboard could be the most exciting part of this cardboard box design. But, on the other side of the spectrum, this gorgeous homemade playhouse can last long.

You can also hand them over to your children so they can use them as they want. By this, you will be able to make them busy with a good learning activity and can complete the remaining essential work of yours.

4. Spray Paint Can Holder From Cardboard Box

Have you realized that wine containers are ideal for storing spray paint? The interior dividers can be sized to fit the narrow containers, while the bright lids for those bottles of spray cans are readily visible when you open the container. Set the paint onto a table or inside a cabinet, and then pull it out when you’re ready to paint. A wine bottle can also be used to store other sprays that build over in the workshop, such as silicone lubricant, WD-40, etc.

5. Pamper Your Pet With Cardboard Boxes

If you own a dog or a cat, there are plenty of ways to reuse the cardboard boxes you have after moving. Cats love playing in cardboard containers. You can also create scratch posts by cutting the box into strips, then folding it into a long roll.

Moreover, you can also transform the cardboard container into a pet bed. Just cut a hole in the side of the box, then place an item of furniture inside the box, and you’ll have a secure and cozy home for your pet.

One final idea for creating an adorable cat castle. With five cardboard boxes, you can build a fantastic castle for your cat to play queen with drawbridges and towers! 

6. Convert Cardboard Boxes Into Shelves

These cardboard boxes can be used as shelves in your living space! You can use the boxes you need, and they can hold every vase or trinket you could imagine. Before placing them on the cardboard, ensure you test how heavy your objects are. Converting waste cardboard boxes into shelves is the most incredible and easiest way to reuse boxes, which will look good and save you a hell of money.

7. Handy For Storage

Why buy cardboard or plastic storage containers when you can reuse the ones you already have? The boxes can be easily removed and stored flat following the relocation and then reassembled using packing tape when ready for use. Upcycled boxes make excellent storage options for winter clothing and Christmas decorations, according to many people who have experienced reusing them in many different possible ways. When they are complete, they stack up quickly and do not take up a lot of space.


These are only a few of the numerous ways you can reuse your boxes for packaging and making new things that can help you in a lot of ways. What other ways are you recycling your boxes for packaging? Tell us about them!

You can choose any of the above methods per your needs and requirements, but if you are confused about any of them, Mover Melbourne is there for you to give you complete assistance.

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