Moving interstate is one of the most back-breaking jobs if started in an unprepared manner. The success of an interstate removal depends upon a well-thought plan that could help you to move your goods and precious belongings smoothly, safely and right on time.

Surprisingly, not all of us make a plan or even believe that it could help! But when moving interstate in Melbourne or anywhere in the world, there has to be a set plan in the head and one must follow the plan to move interstate safely and effectively. This will not only help you organize and execute things well but will surely save your time and money too.

Many people do not make any plan for moving their belongings to the interstate or long-distance. They just generally pack all the goods on their own and hire a truck or van and load it for transportation.

This leads to a poor, damaged and insecure long distance home or office relocation experience. Despite knowing that they cannot act like professional interstate removalists, why do people try to move their belongings by themselves?

The important reason behind this question is people want to save their money by taking all the stress of removal on their own.

  1. They are going through a low moving budget and can’t afford professional removalists.
  2. Some people want to take full control and decision of their local or interstate move. They don’t want another              stranger to tell them what to do with their belongings.
  3. Many people prefer to pack and move their valuable and important stuff by themselves.
  4. Because of negative moving experience in the past, some people believe that moving their belongings on their own        is safer than hiring any moving company.

These are all the major factors that cause people not to choose any moving company and try DIY a move. Today Mover Melbourne understands these problems and sentiments of people related to moving interstate or long-distance.

That is why in the blog we have presented the right ways of choosing the best interstate removal company in Melbourne, Australia and how people easily reduce or manage their moving expenses and overall interstate travel.


How To Find The Cheap And Best Interstate Removalists In Melbourne?


The first and foremost challenge that is needed to be addressed is finding the right interstate removalists in Melbourne and even any other place or city.

Moving interstate is not simple and finding the correct removalist can be very confusing and stressful. Before you pick an interstate moving company, try to do your inquiry and compare their quotes.

Here are some important factors you should focus on to get the best and cheapest interstate removalists in Melbourne:

  1. Whether they have enough experience moving interstate?
  2. Are they skilled in packing and handling all types of items?
  3. Do they provide the right estimates and are clear about their additional costs?
  4. Do they possess the right moving tools and equipment?
  5. Are they following the safety precautions for Covid-19?
  6. Do they provide free moving quotes or pre-move surveys?
  7. What are the reviews and ratings of that company?
  8. Are they registered and certified in the Department of Removals and Storage?

How Can You Reduce Your Interstate Moving Costs?


Truly, moving requires some serious calculations. The calculation is not limited to simple math only, it is choosing what is right for you under the budget.

It is critical to analyze how to figure the moving expenses. It becomes of the utmost importance when you move for the first time with a professional moving company.

Realizing the moving expenses is helpful for a lot of reasons. Furthermore, after ascertaining the costs, you know how much budget you have and likewise cut or add to the additional services you want to take.

The following tips are given below to cut down your interstate moving expenses without compromising the safety and ease in the move:

  1. At the point when you have a rundown of inventory or belongings to take with you, making a list of inventory you        would be taking with you is a wise idea.
  2. Don’t take those things that you won’t require at your new home or office. Use them to bring in some cash by                selling them off. You can likewise donate or give some of them if you don’t need them.
  3. Ask your movers if they allow for providing the packing boxes by their customers. It’s a great idea to reuse if you          have some unused packing boxes.
  4. You can do the packing by yourself, and save money. It is a bit risky but if you know how to pack things properly,          then by this, you would only be paying for the handling, logistics and transportation.
  5. You can cancel your moving insurance. It is also not a safe way to reduce your moving expenses, but if you are not        having many goods and fragile items, then you can opt for this option also.
  6. To save more money, you can go for interstate backloading trucks as well. Backloading services are offered by most      interstate moving companies to help people move within their budget. In backloading services you only have to pay      for the space that is acquired in the booked truck.

Things To Do Before Moving Interstate


An interstate move accompanies its special difficulties and households individuals may think that it’s somewhat overwhelming from the start.

Fortunately, there are two or three things you can do to plan yourself and make the whole move much more organized and manageable.

To-Do List – Two Weeks Before Moving Interstate

  1. Apply for the change in address to all the legal authorities and offices.
  2. Have your garments dry cleaned before packing them.
  3. Discard or donate any unused item that you aren’t going to take with you.
  4. Search for the nearby restaurants, hospitals, schools, malls, supermarkets, etc at your new location.
  5. Secure your important documents like license, passport, IDs, etc.
  6. Prepare for the items that no moving company moves, like, inflammable, fuel appliances, etc.
  7. Take time to fully understand the terms and policies of the removalists company.
  8. Cancel any online order or change address, if clashing with the moving date.
  9. Search for the backup if deemed necessary like a storage house, cleaning services, etc.
  10. Inform people who are close to you about your move, or better arrange a farewell party.


To-Do List – A Day Before Moving Interstate

Even after preparing yourself for the move for weeks, you have certain things that are bound to be left. These things still cannot be done until the last minute! Here are things that you should pay attention to before one day of your actual move:

Make sure you have a separate box for your precious valuables like jewellery, heirloom, cash, keys, etc.
Prepare a box for your immediate essentials, like medicines, toiletries, one extra pair of clothes, packed food, etc.

Talk to your interstate movers and ask for a checklist of things to be prepared before they arrive. This must include, jobs like disconnecting the appliances, draining the spa tub, or washing machines, defrosting the refrigerator and so on.



Finding the right interstate removalists company is quite difficult but not impossible. With the help of these given factors and tips, you can easily determine which removalists company is best for your long-distance moving journey. Mover Melbourne is also one of the cheapest and certified interstate removalists companies in Melbourne, Australia.

Our team of interstate removalists together analyze and tell you every aspect of moving your goods safely to the new location. We provide many hands of moving services in the town.

Each one of them is made with the mark of specialization to solve any relocation riddles. Visiting our site is like a homecoming for you. Where you can have everything at your demand.

Mover Melbourne provides a range of removals and cleaning services. We offer local and interstate house and office removals services to make your workload less in both time and amount.

All our services are at very cheap prices and we offer free moving quotes and pre-move estimation to determine the best price with no hidden charges.
To know more about anything related to removal services or if you want any tips from us, then feel free to contact our customer support anytime.

We are available 24*7 to help our clients.

You can call on 0370201341,

or send us a mail at

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