No matter how many times you have moved before, there is always a clutter that keeps poking you every subsequent time.

When you live in a large family, there are so many things you keep in store, some of them you use for a specific period, and some of them are just waste.

It takes a lot of effort to keep them safe. You also spend many bucks on maintenance and storage. But, what if you are moving into a new home? It can be stressful if that new house is smaller than your current one.

You will be in a difficult situation after seeing the number of your belongings and comparing it with the space of your new house.

It will help you financially, as the new home will have less space, which eventually equals fewer things, and it means less expenditure on maintenance of those minimal used items.

Downsizing is very significant if you are going to move to a place or house that has smaller space. Even it is necessary to remove the broken and unwanted things before you move, it helps you save a reasonable cost on your removals. But what about the mental stress of downsizing the items and your personals belongings?

If you face the same problem, do not worry at all. We have clicked some steps to help you understand the easiest ways of downsizing the items when moving to new home. So, please take the stress out, and follow our tips for a smooth and happy move. So, here you go.

1. Look At All Your Belongings & Separate The Unwanted Ones

Yes! You need to do this before the move. There are a lot of things which you accumulate throughout the years. Moving to a smaller home will not have as much space as the previous one.

So, then what will you do with those unfit items and belongings? It is the question that creates a stress bubble for people.

But, why worry anymore when we are here to burst that bubble. First of all, separate the least necessary items from the essential ones. Sort them out from the list.

There would be many items you have not used in past years, so this is the correct time to get rid of them.

You should understand the reason behind downsizing, which will simplify the way of living. So, now you should only take the essential items with you to the new place or new home.

2. Learn The Method Of Decluttering

Decluttering is an intelligent way to get rid of extra items. You cannot just throw every single unused object out of the house. Understand the method of decluttering. First, you need to check all the objects in your house. Make sure you take a look at every item closely.

Now, keep this in mind about which one of them is essential for you and which is not. After doing all this, start the process of decluttering it.

Sort the items and set a timeline for you to complete them. You cannot do the decluttering for only five days. There must be many other important things to do.

So, decide what is essential to keep and what not. The items you have picked up from others will not be used in the new place.

It is better to keep them away. You can sell or donate them to anyone who is in need. You can also give them to any of your friends or family members.

3. Check Every Room And Do Not Forget To Keep The Duplicates Away

Take a look at each room of your house. Try to be as organized as you can. Label the items by the chits pasted on their top written as “important to keep”, “throw to get rid of”, and “keep in the storage unit”.

This labelling method will help you a lot. Items you use every day in your daily routine or those that add a significant value to your life, keep all these kinds of items with you and take them to the new place.

But, the ones you have not used in past years or the ones you did not even have the idea of their existence in your house for so many days, keep all of like those away from your list.

As your new place is smaller than the current one, and you cannot take the risk of loading these extra belongings there.

Make the labels as mentioned above and keep those boxes in each room. Now, when you go to that room for decluttering, you can keep the important ones in the “important to keep” box.

Also, this is the right time to separate the items whose multiples or alikes are also present in your house.

It is what we call getting rid of duplicates. If you have any item and it’s duplicated in your house, keep the more good one for you. Keep the one which is less damaged and your lovable.

Make sure you check the kitchen for this purpose. Kitchens usually have many duplicates present. For example, two sofa sets would be present in your living area. So, keep one or two out of them now.

These simple steps will create a lot of space for the essential ones in your new home. And, you will not notice it before moving. But, once you enter the new space, these pre taken baby steps will help you.

4. Decide What You Will Do With These Useless Items

As you have separated the extra items from your house, it is time to decide what you will do with them now. Make a plan for it. We have listed a few options for you.

Sell The Items If Possible

You can arrange a sale for these items. Organize a yard sale for this. Make posters and promote the sale. Tell your friends and community members to attend the sale. Select a price range for every item.

Make sure you have packaging material to sell. Mention the list of items in the posters and banners. Put labels or prices on the top of the furniture, books, toys, electronics and any other equipment.

Donate To Needy People

If you have something you do not need any longer, it is much better to donate it to the one who needs it the most.

You can donate the toys to any active orphanage of kids. If you have the extra furniture, it will be good to donate it to any NGO in your area.

Give To Your Loved Ones

We understand that decluttering is stressful, and it can be a tough decision for you to choose the least important ones from all your belongings. You may have an attachment to some things, but it is impossible to take it to a new place.

In this case, if you are worried about leaving the items behind, then do one thing, you can pass on these items to your loved ones.

If you have memories of the items, it is best to give them to the nearby ones. They will cherish it forever and will nurture your bond with them forever.

5. Use The Storage Units As Much As You Can

If you are downsizing to a smaller home, it is essential to be as smart as possible. Use your intelligence and maximize the importance of the storage units and spaces. We have some tips for you.

  • Use The Corners Of The House: It is best to have a basement, attic, garage, and storeroom in your house. Use it as much as possible. Keep the items safe in them.
  • Use The Storage Area Of The Furniture: Many pieces of furniture have storage spaces in them. Your task is to use those extra units. You can keep smaller items in those units of furniture. For example, beds have storage boxes in them. You can simply open the bed and use those storage units. Generally, there are two or four storage units present in the beds. You can keep many items safe in those units.
  • Be Creative In Making The Storage: You can push your creativity level as far as possible. Use the space under the staircase. It will be good to keep any equipment or boxes under it. You can keep shoes and heels under the closet. You can also use the house’s doors by putting the hangers-on on them to hang the coats and jackets. Put storage boxes in the bathrooms to keep the bathing essentials.
  • Use The Digital Options: You can go digital now. Use the available online options as per the new technologies. You can do the paper cluttering through this. Convert your paper files to digital ones. Save your important photos and music digitally. It has become complicated to keep DVDs and CDs, so it is better to convert and keep them safe on digital platforms. It is a safe and secure way to use the technology.

To Conclude

We hope that every tip of ours will prove out to be good to you. In case if you need the best moving service providers, then your wait is finally over.

Mover Melbourne is a team of professional removalists in Australia working in this field of helping people get a good life in a new place. We are available 24×7 for our clients, and our removalist services are also budget-friendly.

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