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Spa removal or Bathtub Removalists are needed for the one looking for its relocation. Many people who own fancy spas and bathtubs in their homes in Arthurs-Seat develop a strong attachment to these luxurious amenities as they create numerous cherished memories. After a tiring day, there is nothing like indulging in a hot bath in a relaxing hot tub. However, when it comes to moving houses, relocating a bathtub can be a challenging task due to its weight and delicate nature. It is essential to handle the process with professional care. Spas and hot tubs are valuable possessions that you wouldn't want to risk damaging during the removal process. While some individuals in Arthurs-Seat may attempt to move them on their own, it is not the safest approach for transporting such delicate items. The relocation of a bathtub or spa tub is a complex undertaking that necessitates the correct techniques and specialized moving tools.

To safely remove your bathtub or spa in Arthurs-Seat, one should always choose the best bathtub removal service in Arthurs-Seat near them. And when the relocating comes to safety and quality, Mover Melbourne is one of the most affordable spa removal companies in Arthurs-Seat, providing safe removal and storage services in very little time. Our team is here to help you 24/7 with your spa or bathtub relocation, taking the burden off your shoulders and easing your mind.

Our expert Spa Removalists Arthurs-Seat team have been working hard in this field for the last eight years and so far have completed more than 800 spa tub and Bathtub Removals across Arthurs-Seat. We have moved several types of bathtubs like generic bathtubs, soaking bathtubs, walk-in bathtubs, and even whirlpools and air tubs. Our reliable bathtub and spa movers are well-trained and know how to move heavy but delicate bathtubs and spa tubs safely. We use proper equipment and moving tools to safeguard our client's expensive bathtubs while moving them from one place to another.

Furthermore, Mover Melbourne is committed to being available for your convenience 24/7. Our professional Spa Removalists Arthurs-Seat team is equipped with protective gear, proper tools, and extensive training, enabling us to handle bathtubs of any shape and size. We understand the importance of minimizing disruptions to your busy lifestyle and cherished bonding moments, so we strive to accommodate your preferred relocation hours. Additionally, we offer affordable rates on local bathtub relocations and to other cities in Melbourne. So, throw out the stress of bathtub removal from your mind, fill out the query form, and get a free bathtub removal quote now.

Why Choose Our Professional Spa Removal Service In Arthurs-Seat?

Mover Melbourne is proud to offer affordable spa tub removal services in Arthurs-Seat and throughout Australia, building on our extensive experience of over eight years in the industry. Through our years of practice, we have refined our winning formula to meet all your spa tub removal needs with excellence.

Here Is The Point Why You Should Opt For Our Spa Removal Arthurs-Seat Team:

  • Stress-Free Spa Removal: Once you hand it over to our Spa Removalists Arthurs-Seat team, there's no need for you to worry. Please sit back, relax, and let us take care of everything. We provide comprehensive removalist services to meet all your needs.
  • Low Risk Of Damage And Accidental Property Loss: Our Spa Removal Arthurs-Seat team takes precautions to minimize any damage or loss of property during your Spa Removal. We securely wrap the spa/bathtub and parts with high-quality materials such as bubble wrap, foam sheets, and plastic boxes. Additionally, we provide extra protection with heavy-duty blankets. This ensures a low risk of any accidental damage or loss.
  • Cost-Effective: We understand the importance of budget-friendly solutions. That's why we offer our bathtub removal service in Arthurs-Seat at competitive prices without compromising on the quality of our work. Our moving services In Arthurs-Seat will be under your budget, and we promise that. You can rely on us to provide cost-effective spa tub removal services that fit your budget. You can even book a quote before the actual moving process to get a rough idea about pricing.
  • Reputed Organisation: Mover Melbourne has established a strong reputation in the Arthurs-Seat region over the years due to our extensive experience. Our satisfied customers often recommend us to others for various services, for example, house removals in Arthurs-Seat or furniture removal services in Arthurs-Seat or interstate, which has helped us gain a loyal following.
  • Readily Available: You can easily book our moving services through our website, which is available 24/7, even on weekends. This flexible scheduling allows you to choose the most convenient time for you to receive our services.
  • Moving Insurance: We offer complete insurance coverage in case your bathtub suffers any damage during the relocation process. You have the option to take advantage of this insurance within 24 hours of receiving your bathtub by reaching out to us.

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Our Bathtub & Spa Removal Process In Arthurs-Seat

Removing a spa tub from its place is not everyone's cup of tea. It is a complex process and requires a good skill set and tools for perfect relocation. If anyone doesn't know about the complexity of the bathtub removal process, then that person can harm the bathtub and themselves too very badly. Spa and bathtubs are fragile and heavy objects made of thermoformed acrylic, which can be easily damaged during transportation. Therefore, our Spa Removal Arthurs-Seat team works according to the following well-defined steps for moving a bathtub from one place to another safely:

  • Make The Perfect Plan For Bathtub Removalists: Right from the start, when you book Mover Melbourne's Spa Removalists in Arthurs-Seat, our spa movers will assess the bathtub type and design and determine the best plan to load the tub into a truck. A customized plan for removing each spa is then developed, considering factors such as the complexity of the design, dimensions, and weight. Since every spa tub is unique, a specific plan is devised for each individual bathtub.
  • Close The Water Supply: The second step of moving a bathtub is very easy; that is emptying the bathtub and closing the main water supply. It is very important to drain all the water from the spa or bathtub and let it dry for at least 6-8 hours before moving it. It makes the bathtub lighter and easier to manage.
  • Dismantling Of The Bathtub: In this stage, our Spa Removal experts team in Arthurs-Seat uses the appropriate tools and equipment to remove all the hardware that secures the bathtub faucet, which is then safely stored for future use. Then, the tiles surrounding the bathtub are carefully removed, and finally, the bathtub is securely removed from its original location.
  • Packing Of The Spa/Bathtub: In the third step, our special Spa Removal Arthurs-Seat team packs all the accessories and the tub carefully. We use the best quality packing supplies to wrap and pack the bathtub so it won’t get damaged during transit.
  • Loading Of The Bathtub Into The Truck: After properly packing, our strong muscled bathtub movers load the bathtub into the truck. We provide the best man with a van service in Arthurs-Seat for the transportation of all kinds of household and commercial items. If the bathtub is too large and heavy, we use hydraulic lifters and large dollies to load the bathtub into the truck. Our movers inspect everything properly to make sure that the tub won't get any damage or scratches while the truck is moving.
  • Unpacking And Reinstallation Of The Bathtub: When our Bathtub Removalists arrive at your new location, they quickly unload and unpack your bathtub. And then, they reinstall your bathtub safely as it was before.

If you have any questions or concerns about Mover Melbourne's bathtub removal service in Arthurs-Seat or any of our other moving services, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our customer service team is available 24/7 to assist you. You can contact us by phone at 0370201341 or by email at At Mover Melbourne, we are committed to providing safe and stress-free relocation services to our customers in Arthurs-Seat and are always happy to help.

FAQs | Bathtub Removal Service Arthurs-Seat

What Is The Cost Of Hiring Bathtub Removalists In Arthurs-Seat?

When it comes to hiring Bathtub Removalists in Arthurs-Seat, the cost can differ based on a variety of factors that are unique to each move. At Mover Melbourne in Arthurs-Seat, we guarantee our customers a more affordable price and higher quality service than other providers in the area. However, because the cost is affected by different factors for each move, we advise reaching out to Mover Melbourne directly to receive a personalized quote.

Does Mover Melbourne Provide Disposal Services For Spas And Bathtubs After Removal In Arthurs-Seat?

Yes, Mover Melbourne offers comprehensive disposal services for spas and bathtubs after removal in Arthurs-Seat. We adhere to responsible waste management practices, ensuring that the removed items are disposed of or recycled properly. By choosing our services, you can have peace of mind knowing that the spa or bathtub will be handled in an environmentally friendly manner.

Can Your Spa Removalists Arthurs-Seat Team Handle Large Or Difficult-To-Access Spas During Removal In Arthurs-Seat?

Absolutely! At Mover Melbourne, we have extensive experience handling spas of all sizes and complexities in Arthurs-Seat. Our Spa Removalists Arthurs-Seat is equipped with specialized tools and techniques to handle large or difficult-to-access spas with ease. We assess the situation beforehand and plan the removal process accordingly, ensuring a smooth and successful outcome.

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Client Reviews - Spa Removal Arthurs-Seat

Chris B face look

I recently hired Mover Melbourne for Spa Removal in Arthurs-Seat, and I was thoroughly impressed by their service. The team was friendly, knowledgeable, and demonstrated great attention to detail. They understood the complexities of the removal process and handled it with utmost care. Mover Melbourne's commitment to customer satisfaction and their expertise in Spa Removal make them the top choice in Arthurs-Seat.

Chris B

Sue Berit face look

I had the pleasure of hiring Mover Melbourne for bathtub removal in Arthurs-Seat, and I can confidently say that they are the best in the business. Their Spa Removal Arthurs-Seat team was professional and efficient, making the entire process stress-free. They took care of every aspect, from dismantling to clean up, with great attention to detail. Mover Melbourne's dedication to providing exceptional service sets them apart. I highly recommend their bathtub removal services.

Sue Berit

J. Smith face look

I had a great experience with Mover Melbourne when they removed my bathtub in Arthurs-Seat. The team was skilled, friendly, and very helpful. They listened to my needs and gave me useful advice. The removal process was easy, and my bathroom was left clean. I highly recommend Mover Melbourne for any removal services in Arthurs-Seat.


M.Taylor face look

I had a challenging Spa Removal project in Arthurs-Seat, and Mover Melbourne handled it flawlessly. Their Spa Removalists Arthurs-Seat team arrived on time, equipped with the right tools, and worked efficiently to complete the job. I was particularly impressed by their problem-solving skills as they navigated through difficult access points with ease. Mover Melbourne's professionalism and expertise are second to none. I highly recommend their Spa Removal service.


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